(Un)Lucky Charms

John, Dean (10) Sam (6)

Dean yawned loudly, rubbing his eyes as he moved into the kitchen area. He quite liked this motel. The rooms here were considerably larger than in the two previous places they had stayed in. After several days of spending long hours in the back of the Impala and sleeping in motels that barely had enough room for the three Winchesters to turn around in, it was a pleasant change. Dean was sure that he would absolutely had lost his mind if he had to be stuck in a tiny room with Sammy, and little more than two beds and a bathroom to keep them occupied. The previous two places hadn`t even had a TV set. An absolute scandal in Dean`s mind. This motel had everything. A decent TV, a bathroom with a shower, even a kitchen area with a mini fridge. He hoped they could stay here for a bit longer, even now that Dad had returned from his trip. It was doubtful, though. With it being summer, the boys didn`t need to attend school, which meant John could move them around constantly without worrying about arousing suspcion from teachers and headmasters.

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Update on myself and brassband777

Hello everyone!
Just a quick post to update you on myself and brassband777:

We`re both doing well, I have personally had about a years break from writing SPN fanfic, and am also lagging severely behind on the wonderful reading material here at the comm. I have been stopping by now and then, always pleased to see the community alive and well. :) I`ve just been busy with my job and other actitivies, and have genereally lacked inspiration to write SPN stuff. Will ask for prompts in my next post, just wanted to keep them separate.

Many of you have probably noticed brassband777`s absence, and the reason for this (amongst other things) is her pregnancy which at the end of January resulted in the birth of her son, Jensen! Mother and child are both happy and well, but brassband777 obviously lacks time and energy for getting online, let alone writing fanfics. ;) She has not forgotten about you at all, and I`m sure she`ll find her way back when she has more time to spare.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know what was going on. :)

Birthday/prompt fic: For brassband777

Author: Capricorn86 – written for brassband777`s birthday

Prompt: Sam has to spank both his teenaged daughters for something.

Characters: Sam Wincester, Emily (15) Alice (13)

Notes: Emily and Alice are Sam`s daughters, my Ocs in a AU verse where Dean and Sam live normal lives after leaving the hunting lifestyle.

Word count: 4,412

"It could have been worse," Dean stated simply once his brother had finished relating the days events to him.

Sam raised his eyebrows in disbelief, forgetting for a moment that he was on the phone with Dean and so the other man couldn`t see his expression.

"I get that you were mad, and you had every right to be," Dean went on. "But it could have been worse. What if they had taken the train to the next town for example? Alice doesn`t have a mobile yet, what if they had gotten separated, then what?"

Sam shuddered at the thought. "I`d like to think they would never do anything so reckless."

"Hm, well they`re still early in their teens, anything could happen," Dean retorted drily. "I`m just trying to put things into perspective for you. We pulled way worse stunts when we were about that age."

"Speak for yourself," Sam snorted.

"Flagstaff ring a bell?"

Sam clenched his jaw. That was below the belt. "Cheap shot," he muttered.

"It`s eleven thirty, what are you doing up?" Dean asked suddenly.

"Uhm, I`m an adult and get to pick my own bedtime?"

"Get your ass upstairs now! I had better not find you by the computer again when I come up!"

Sam realized Dean had been talking to one of his kids, and not him. "Dean?"

"Yeah, Sammy, sorry. Will is a bit of a computer addict, and it`s messing up his sleeping pattern. So on a scale of 1 to 10, how mad were you? I mean, what the girls did is a pretty big no-no in your book! I hope you didn`t kill them, I`m quite fond of my nieces you know!"

Sam rolled his eyes. Dean was always so dramatic. "No, Dean, I didn`t kill them, they`re both sleeping safely as we speak. But yeah, getting that call from the school didn`t exactly brighten my day..."

The two teenage girls sitting on the sofa were squirming under the stern, scrutinizing gaze of their father. Thirteen-year-old Alice didn`t even dare look up, she just sat there in silence, her fingers nervously twirling a lock of her blonde hair.

Her older sister Emily was not feeling very brave at the moment either. Both girls knew they had landed themselves in deep trouble with their father. Their great plan had worked perfectly until the school had called Sam to enquire about the absence of both his daughters. The headmaster had not been notified that both Winchester girls would be missing a day, and found it odd that Mr. Winchester had not called this morning to give notice. Sam himself had been completly unaware that neither of his daughters had attended school that day, and as he was standing before them now he was most eager to hear an explanation – and it had better be a good one!

Not that any reason the girls had for skipping school would save them from punishment. Sam knew that he would be delivering two spankings shortly, and he was not pleased about it.

"I`m still waiting to hear why the pair of you weren`t in school today," Sam growled. "Where were you all day? Who were you with? What were you doing?" A couple of seconds passed with neither of the girls speaking up, so Sam turned to his eldest. "Emily? Would you care to explain?"

The fifteen-year-old shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She knew she and her sister was busted, and the best thing to do right now was to tell the truth, and the whole truth. Outright lying or holding anything back would only make things worse for both of them. She cleared her throat. "Uhm... well.. Okay, you know Jason Sieger? He`s having that concert in Kansas City this weekend, the one you wouldn`t let us go to.."

Sam nodded, crossing his arms. He knew very well who Jason Sieger was, both his daughters were obsessed with him. Their rooms had several posters of the Canadian pop star, and whenever he permitted them to use his laptop, they`d go on YouTube and Spotify to view his music videos and stream his songs. It wasn`t exactly Sam`s cup of tea where music was concerned, but it was innocent enough, so he had managed to grin and bear it.

What had been more difficult to bear was the intense nagging and pleading from the girls – they had both wanted very badly to go to the concert in Kansas City and see their star live on stage. Sam had been adamant that it was out of the question. Emily had tried reasoning with him, she understood that Alice was too young, but surely she could go, if Sam went with her?

But for all her begging and whining her father had firmly stood his ground. They were both too young to attend a large outdoor concert, and that was the end of it.

Emily continued: "I read online that Jason was going to be at the mall here in Lawrence today only, to sign autographs."

It was a publicity stunt to promote his newly released album. Jason Sieger was currently touring the country, and each week he was going to appear at a select mall in the same state as he was holding a concert.

Emily explained that she and Alice had agreed to skip an entire day of school for the benefit of going down to the mall and getting in line for autographs as early as possible.

Needless to say, this did not count as a good reason for skipping in Sam`s book.

"Your education is more important than some singer scribbling his name on a CD cover," Sam said cooly. "I am very disappointed in both of you. Not only did you break my trust and skip a whole day of classes, you also put your safety at risk. Your behaviour has been completly unacceptable!" He paused for a moment. "Girls, look at me."

The two teenagers both lifted their eyes to meet their fathers gaze. They both felt terrible for disappointing him, yet they also felt that skipping one day of school wasn`t the end of the world. Meeting Jason had totally been worth it to them.

"Do you realize the danger you put yourselves in by being in the mall today, in that huge crowd? Any number of things could have happened. You could have been trampled! There are young girls like yourselves who have become seriously injured, even died, at events like concerts and autograph signings by stars at the mall due to pressure from the crowd and panic ensuing."

At this point, Emily felt the need to speak up in defense of herself and her sister. "It wasn`t that serious, Dad. I mean, sure, there were lots of people and stuff, but.."

"We just wanted to meet Jason," Alice put in, her voice barely audible.

"Yeah, and it`s not like we hopped on a train to go to the concert in Kansas City," Emily put in.

"Trust me, if you had gone to that concert, you`d both be grounded until you turned eighteen!" Sam snapped sharply. "And I don`t want to hear of either of you skipping school again, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Dad," Emily said respectfully, while Alice simply nodded.

"Alice Marie?" Sam prompted sternly.

"Yes, Daddy. I won`t skip school again."

"I`ll be contacting your teachers to have them email me any missed homework from today."

Emily resisted a strong urge to roll her eyes. Like they`d fall behind after missing one day! But she was wise enough not to comment on this, she knew how serious her father was about schoolwork.

"You`re both grounded for two weeks," Sam went on. "I want you straight home from school every day. There will be no friends over, including your cousins, and your tv, computer and phone priviliges are all suspended until further notice. You`ll also get extra chores."

The girls hearts sank. Their father sure was laying it on thick! They both hated being grounded, and not being allowed to see or talk to their friends outside of school was the worst. Their cousins went to different schools, which meant that with not being able to communicate with them online or on the phone, they`d be effectivly cut off from them for the next fortnight. This totally sucked! In the girls eyes, Sam was being quite unreasonable.

But the worst was yet to come.

"And finally, you`re both getting a spanking," Sam concluded, feeling the girls should have known this was coming. Still, he tried to ignore the surprised and scared looks on their faces. Spankings had become fewer and farther between for the girls after they had each turned twelve. Sam had gradually moved away from it as they hit the pre-teen stage, favouring other methods of punishment. His daughters had however never been under the impression that spankings were in the past. They knew that they found find themselves across Sam`s knee if he felt they had earned it.

In his mind, a proper over-the-knee spanking was required in this situation to ensure their behaviour was not repeated.

"Now I want both of you to go to your rooms, and I`ll be in to talk to you in a few minutes."

The girls wasted no time in obeying, but they certainly wished the "talk" could be avoided!

After sending the girls to their bedrooms, Sam went into his own to change his clothes. He was still in his "work-wear," and it always felt good to get out of the suit and tie at the end of a long day. He deliberatly hurried, not wanting to leave Alice waiting long. To any extent possible, he did his best to not make his children wait for a spanking, knowing from plenty of personal experience how agonizing it was. Sam also had to deal with his eldest, but he`d take care of Alice first, due to her being the youngest and by far the more sensitive of the two.

Once he was in jeans and a flannel shirt he headed across the hall and opened Alice`s bedroom door. Normally he knocked once before entering either of the girls rooms, but as he was coming to administer punishment, he chose to forego that sign of respect.

The petite thirteen-year-old was sitting on the edge of her bed, wringing her hands as she glanced up to see her father in the doorway. "Daddy, can`t you please change your mind about the spanking? I`m already grounded, which sucks bigtime, and I`ll never skip school again! I promise!"

"I`ll hold you to that promise," Sam said grimly, moving over to the bed and seating himself. "As for the spanking, it`s happening, so let`s get it over with." He grabbed Alice`s arm and quickly pulled her across his lap. As it was summer and quite warm wheather, the girl was wearing a skirt which Sam simply lifted before commencing to lay down fast, hard spanks over her pink hipster.

"Oww!" Alice immediatly went rigid as the first swat landed, and she continued to utter small exclaims of pain as the smacks kept coming.

After giving her about two dozen spanks, Sam paused. "Alice, I want you to really think about why you`re getting this spanking. Skipping school is bad enough, but you also put yourself in danger today by being part of what I`m sure was a big crowd at the mall. I know Emily was there to look after you, but what if you had gotten separated from her? You don`t have a mobile, so she couldn`t have reached you."

Alice sniffed, feeling tears burning in her eyes as she listened to her father`s words. Now that he had halted smacking her bottom, she felt even more how badly it was stinging! She wanted to retort that if Daddy had only gotten her a mobile there wouldn`t have been a problem, but things would get worse for her backside if she dared that, so she simply stated that she was sorry. And she really was!

Sam didn`t answer her. Instead he proceeded to pull down her underwear to get on with the spanking and really make the lesson stick.

Alice tried to cover her now naked bottom with her hand, but Sam ignored the silent plea. The young teen quickly started to cry as her father`s large handprint covered her rear end all over. As soon as the girl was reduced to tears, Sam added another round of smacks to her sit-spots before stopping completly.

Hearing Alice cry made Sam`s heart ache, but he knew the spanking had been called for. He gently rubbed her back for a couple of minutes, until her crying had quieted slightly, then helped her to stand.

The young teen fiercly rubbed her aching behind to reduce the sting, then put her underwear and skirt back in place, trying to ignore the throbbing pain as the skin came in contact with the fabric of her clothes.

Sam got up too, and hugged his subdued daughter tightly, running his hand across her blonde locks until her crying had completly halted. "It`s okay, baby girl. I`m not angry with you anymore."
He then broke the embrace and looked her in the eyes. "I love you very much. Remember that."

"I know, Daddy. I love you too." Alice was silent for a moment. "When I`m not grounded anymore, I can still go to the mall, right?"

"Yes, but remember our deal."

Alice had become worried that as her misbehaviour today had involved going to the mall, her hard-earned privilige of going there without parental supervision might be revoked. She was relieved to learn this was not the case.

She had felt quite unfairly treated when she had turned twelve and was still not allowed to go to the mall unless Sam or Uncle Dean was with her. Emily had been allowed to go there with her friends when she was twelve, so Alice had a hard time understanding why it was different for her.

The fact was that Sam had not considered his youngest daughter to be mature or responsible enough until she had turned thirteen. For the past few months, she had finally been allowed to go to the mall, but only together with a friend who had a mobile phone, so she could reach her father. Alice had also been told in no uncertain terms that if she broke the deal by not showing up at the regular meeting place for Sam to pick her up (without calling him to explain her delay) she would have to work hard to earn this privilige of trust back.

The issue of a mobile phone had also been the subject of some discussion. Sam would not be swayed on the point that neither of the girls would get mobiles until they each turned fourteen. Now Emily had had a phone for over a year, while Alice still had to wait until her next birthday to get hers. Life was so unfair!

"I have to go talk to your sister. Stay in your room until I come get you," Sam instructed.

Alice nodded, and after giving her a kiss on the cheek Sam left her bedroom.

While Sam had been talking with her sister, Emily had been lying on her bed, waiting and dreading the spanking she knew was coming. She had the signed CD cover lying on her nightstand, and she stroked it lightly with one finger as she reflected upon the days events.

Just a couple of hours earlier she had been ecstatic to meet her idol, the long wait at the mall had been totally worth it to see Jason Sieger in person.

Emily felt a prick of guilty conscience for the sake of her sister. It had been Emily who had discovered that Jason was signing autographs, but when she had told Alice that she intended skipping school to go meet him, her sister had insisted on coming along, despite Emily offering to get an autograph for her too. That way, Alice wouldn`t get in trouble if Emily got caught. Sam`s eldest had felt pretty confident in her plan however, and she realized that she couldn`t stop Alice from coming with her.

During the long wait before Jason had even arrived, Emily had been very glad that she wasn`t alone, and it had been wonderful sharing her excitement with her sister when the star showed up at last. They had both acted as wildly excited as only young teenage girls can get, screaming at the top of their lunges and jumping up and down to get a better view of the pop idol.

During Sam`s talk with the girls in the living room, Emily had tried defending them by stating that their safety hadn`t really been at risk as the crowd wasn`t that massive. The truth was that there had been a large gathering of teenaged girls at the shopping centre, and as the Winchester girls had arrived fairly early, they were standing in front and could really feel the intense pressure from the crowd. Nothing had happened, though. Emily felt certain that her father was exaggerating when he said that people had become injured at these kinds of events. As far as she had noticed, no girls had fainted or anything. Dad was just being over-protective. If he had his way, Emily and her sister would never get to do anything fun!

The fifteen-year-old sat up upon her father entering the room. She eyed him uneasily as he sat down on the bed next to her, not sure if he planned on putting her across his knee straight away of if she was in for a second lecture. She asked if there was any chance Sam would let her get away with just a grounding, to which he replied that as he had just spanked her sister, that would hardly be fair. "And besides," he added, "I`m pretty sure you were aware of the consequences of your actions if you got caught."

Emily looked down and nodded silently. She had hoped so badly to get away with it though! Still, she knew that her father was disappointed in her, which really hurt. She hadn`t meant to let him down, but meeting Jason Sieger had meant a great deal to both her and Alice. Seeing the look on her father`s face made her question whether it had been worth it.

"I hope you weren`t too hard on her," Emily said, referring to her little sister. "It was my idea, after all. I was going to go alone, and she just had to come along! She wouldn`t have gotten in trouble at all if-"

Sam interrupted her. "Well, did you force her? Did you put a rope around her waist and drag her with you?"

Despite herself, Emily had to smile at that. Even a little giggle escaped her at the comical mental images her vivid imagination created. "No, Dad, I didn`t make her do anything."

"There you go. Alice is responsible for her own actions and choices, just as you are for yours. You must both face the consequences when you make bad ones like you did today. Understand?"

Sam couldn`t even begin to count the times his older brother Dean had tried to take all the blame for something they had both had an equal part in. And every time John had given him a similar answer to what he`d just told his own daughter.

"And speaking of consequences..." Sam cleared his throat. "Stand up and drop your jeans."

With a small groan, Emily did as she was told. Once she had lowered her pants to her knees, Sam took her across his lap and immediatly started spanking her panty-clad bottom.

Emily jerked at the first swat, but managed to keep fairly silent as Sam got her warmed up. Soon the teen could really feel the sting and heat building in her rear end, and she started both wriggling and making her discomfort known.

Sam often reinforced his lecture while spanking, to make sure his daughter was well aware of why she was being punished. When the girls had been younger, he`d typically swat and speak at the same time, but now that they were getting older, he chose to pause in the spanking to make sure she was really paying attention to what he was saying. It also served a double purpose as Sam knew from his many trips across John Winchesters knee that once the spanking started up again it would hurt even more as you`d had time to really feel the sting. It had certainly helped John to get his point across, so Sam chose to take after his old man in this.

"Can you remind me why you are getting this spanking, Emily?"

"I skipped a whole day of school.."


"And I put myself in danger.. sort of.." The last part was barely audible, but Sam caught it. He chose to let it slide.

"And is that behaviour that I tolerate?" Sam asked next.

Emily wriggled over her fathers lap, tensing as she suspected her backside would be bared in a couple of seconds. "No."

"That`s right. I know you feel I`m too protective of you.."

"Understatement. OW, OUCH!" Emily yelled as Sam landed two extra hard swats to her butt. Sassing her dad while over his lap was a very bad idea!

Sam continued speaking: "But I am your father, and so I`ll always try to protect you and teach you how to protect yourself. Your safety, and that of your sister is the most important thing to me. So you can hate my rules all you want, but they`re in place for a very good reason. And if you break them, there will be consequences!"

In her current position, Emily was more worried about the safety of her backside to be very appreciative of her father`s concern.

Sam decided that it was time to move on with the punishment, and so he firmly tugged down Emily`s panties and swiftly set about turning her bottom a cherry red. Soon she was crying and apologizing, hoping for every smack to be the last.

Despite his daughters not being little girls anymore, having to spank them and listen to them cry was every bit as painful for Sam as it had been when they were younger.

He soon felt that he had gotten through to Emily, and like he had done with Alice, Sam rubbed her back to soothe her as she lay limp and sobbing over his lap. After calming down, the girl got up and fixed her clothes, feeling emberrassed at her nakedness.

Sam stood and held the tall fifteen-year old close to him for as long as she needed it. After a little while she took the initiative to pull away, and Sam looked down into her beautiful green eyes, seeing so much of himself and his own youth reflected back at him.

Sam let the girls stay in their bedrooms for a while to recover properly from the spankings they had recieved and to let his lecture sink in. Once she had gotten the green light from Sam, Emily moved into her sister`s room to check up on her. She found the younger teen lying on her stomach on the bed.

"You OK?"

"My butt still hurts," Alice complained.

"You think mine doesn`t?" Emily retorted. "Join the club!" And the girls had to giggle, despite there not being anything remotely amusing about being spanked by their father.

"I still can`t believe we met Jason Sieger!" she went on, her gaze drifting to one of the large posters of him Alice had on her bedroom wall.

In Emily`s bedroom, Sam had hung a framed copy of a drawing his eldest had made of the star. She had sent the original work in to a teen magazine who was holding a contest, and her drawing had won the top prize of 100 $. Sam had been so proud he had boasted about it to both Dean and his co-workers. Emily had inherited every bit of her mothers creative and artistic talent, and it made Sam`s heart soar to see her put her abilities to good use.

"I know, right?" Alice got up from the bed. "He`s even cuter in real life!"

"Totally," her sister agreed.

"Emmy, can we make a deal? The next time Jason Sieger is signing autographs at the mall..."

"Say no more. We`ll get Dad to go down there!"

As if on cue, Sam appeared in the open doorway. "Dinner is just about ready. You girls hungry?"

"Oh my god, totally starving!" Alice exclaimed.

"Me too," Emily said. "Alice said she really wanted to do the washing up," she added mischeviously.

"No, I didn`t!" the thirteen-year-old objected hotly.

"Well, seeing as you`re both grounded, you can both set the table and wash up afterwards," Sam decided. "How does that sound?"

"Boring," Emily moaned. She hated doing housework, extra chores while being grounded really sucked.

"Yeah," Alice nodded, sharing her sisters feelings.

"I think you two are in for a whole lot of boring for the next two weeks," Sam said, not feeling the slightest bit sympathetic.


Sam looked at his eldest. "Yeah?"

"Uhm.. I.. I`m sorry.."

"I know you are, it`s ok."

"No, I mean, you`re way too protective of us, but..." Emily was trying to give her father a proper apology for her actions, but it was coming out rather awkwardly. It was difficult for the teenage girl to admit that her father had been right about the situation at the mall. She was trying to express that although she felt her dad should ease up on his rules, she also appreciated that he was concerned about her and her sister and wanted to keep them safe.

"You so totally are, Daddy," Alice chipped in.

"Well, it`s too bad you feel that way, cause that won`t ever change," Sam replied. "You`re my children, and it`s my job to keep you safe. I love you both so much."

"We love you too, Dad," Emily smiled and leaned into her fathers side. He wrapped one arm around her and Alice was happy to follow her sisters example. Sam stood with his arms around his girls and thanked his lucky stars that they were both safe and happy.

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Author: Capricorn86 – written for brassband777`s birthday

Prompt: Family day out with all the kids, set after both Melissa and Laura have passed away

Characters: Sam, Emily (6) Alice (4) Dean, Dawn (9) Will (8)

Notes: This fic contains my four Ocs in a AU verse where Dean and Sam live normal lives after leaving the hunting lifestyle. Melissa is Deans ex-girlfriend who died from cancer, and Laura is Sam`s late wife, who was killed in a hit-and-run. Dean and Sam now raise their children alone, Sam works as a lawyer and Dean as a car mechanic.
Part 1 is here: http://capricorn86.livejournal.com/35229.html

It wasn`t soon after they had lunch that the kids got up once more to play. Will had brought his football, and with Dean`s help he engaged the girls in a quick game. Sam didn`t feel like joining in, which meant he could entertain Alice, who couldn`t join in due to her age and small size. She had certainly wanted to, and was not pleased about being excluded from the game. Sam had luckily anticipated that his nephew would have brought his football, and knowing his youngest would want to play too, he had packed a small toy ball so Alice and him could have a ballgame all their own.

While Dean and the three older kids ran around on the grass kicking the football (at a safe distance from Sam and the youngest of the group) Sam sat on the grass as Alice took turns kicking her ball, throwing it to her father, or rolling it across the grass. She was clearly enjoying herself, and Sam smiled blissfully as he watched her play, her bright giggles filling the air.

Soon the little girl was breathless and tired of the game, so she was quite happy to sit on Daddy`s lap, watching the more rowdy game led by the others. Her warm brown eyes shone, and she clapped her hands, eagerly cheering on her big sister. "Go, go Emmy!"

"Go, Emily!" Sam joined in, and he called the names of his nice and nephew in turn as well, not wanting to make them think he was playing favourites.

---- SPN ----

After the football match ended, Sam took both his daughters to use the restroom.

Dean settled down in the shade to have another beer, while Dawn grabbed a comic and laid down in the grass, enjoying the warm sun. Soon she was so engrossed in the Donald Duck story she didn`t notice her brother sneaking up on her – she did however notice that he put something in her hair.

"What...?" Dawn put a hand to her head to grab whatever it was Will had placed there. She felt something small and slimy and immediatly jumped to her feet, screaming in terror. The girl shook her head like a maniac, hoping to get rid of the foul thing, while Will stood by watching and laughing at his sister`s anguish. It was a black snail he had put in her hair, knowing full well that Dawn loathed all manners of creepy, crawly and slimy creatures. She couldn`t even stand frogs! The boy was quite pleased with himself for playing this prank on his sister, he thought it was the funniest thing ever to see her yelling and jumping around.

Dawn herself was certainly not amused. With a great effort, she managed to calm herself enough to stand still and grab the sticky snail. She lowered her trembling hand to eye level, dreading to look at the thing. She uttered another loud yell upon seeing the black snail, and she threw it as far away as she could, hoping it wouldn`t gather its snail friends and come back for an attack.

Will choked on his own laughter when he noticed the furious look on his sister`s face. He knew from experience he couldn`t outrun her, and if her expression was any indication she intended to show no mercy.

"You are so dead!"

Dawn lunged for her brother, but he was too quick. He dodged her and ran in a blind panic across the grass with the girl hot on his heels. She soon caught up with him, and with an angry shriek she was upon him, her anger lending her the strength of a lioness attacking a zebra. They had a brief tussle on the lawn before their father was there to break up the fight. Dawn had had no time to deal any damage to her little brother – in fact the entire event from Will depositing the snail in Dawns hair to the pair of siblings fighting to the death was over in less than a minute.

Dean had naturally reacted when he heard his daughter screaming, he intended to come to rescue his princess from her distress, but he quickly realized that his son would be the one in need of rescuing! Dean was familiar with Dawn`s wicked temper, and his children fighting was certainly nothing new. They were both very aware that their father did not accept such behaviour, however.

Dean had gotten the two kids on their feet, and made sure to hold Dawn back to prevent her from making another attack at her brother. The girl was fuming with rage, and Will was glad that Daddy had stepped in to save him, although he suspected things wouldn`t look too good for his behind once he confessed his crime.

Dean knew that he couldn`t even begin to talk to his daughter until she had calmed down, so he half dragged, half carried the nine-year-old over to a bench by the path. "Now you sit here and cool down," he ordered sternly. "Don`t even think about lifting your butt off this bench, you hear me?"

Dawn was too upset to give a proper answer, she just look past her father to glare at Will, a fire still burning in her hazel eyes.

Dean felt confident the girl would obey his instruction, and returned to the spot where his son was waiting. "Are you alright, Will? Are you hurt?" He quickly checked the child over for injuries but found no fresh marks or wounds – the scrapes on the boy`s knees had been aquired a couple of days earlier in a particularly nasty run-in with the neighbours gravel path.

"I`m okay, Daddy." Aside from being a little shaken up after the fight with Dawn, the eight-year-old had started to feel bad about putting the snail in her hair. Sure it had been funny to scare her, but Dawn had gotten so upset. Making her mad was no laughing matter. Not to mention Will was worried about his father`s reaction – the kid felt sure Daddy wouldn`t find it funny!

"What happened?" Dean demanded to know. "Why did Dawn scream like that? Why did she chase you?"

Will looked down at his bare feet. "Uhm... I sorta put a snail in her hair."

"You what?"

Thoughts whirled in Dean`s head. He knew that if he or Sammy had been about Will`s age and did something similar to a girl, they would have both thought it was hilarious. In fact, Dean could remember many times he had delighted in grossing out girls at school in different ways – this was of course before he turned twelve and started looking at the fairer gender in... a different light.

Dean did however also bear in mind how his father John had reacted whenever his sons had treated a girl badly. John Winchester had made sure to teach them to respect women of all ages, he certainly did not stand for his boys hitting girls, scaring them or otherwise being mean or disrespectful to them.

As much as Dean could see things from his young sons point of view, the fact still remained that Dawn had been wronged, and Dean`s job was to teach his youngest to treat his sister with respect and not be mean to her. Dean would naturally deal with his daughter`s behaviour too, but first he needed to take care of Will.

"That was really naughty, William!" Dean scolded. "You know better than to be mean to Dawn and scare her like that!"

"I`m sorr- oww!"

Will was cut off as Dean grabbed his arm and started smacking his bottom. Six hard swats landed before Dean let go and faced his repentant son. Will rubbed at his stinging butt as two fat tears trickled down his cheeks. He hated getting smacked, it really hurt!

"I`m sorry, Daddy," Will sobbed. He just hoped Dawn wasn`t too mad anymore!

"I know. Come here." Dean squatted down and hugged his son, rubbing his back. Will wasn`t crying hard, but he enjoyed his father`s comfort and so it took a couple of minutes before Dean pulled away to face the boy.

"You owe your sister an apology. I just need to talk to her first, you go wait by the tree." Dean indicated the spot where the Winchester clan had been sitting enjoying their lunch earlier.


Dean tousled his son`s curly head before going over to the bench to talk to Dawn. The girl had had a minute to calm herself now, and seeing her brother get swatted helped cool her temper. Although she felt he had deserved it, she couldn`t help feeling bad for him, and she suspected she was in for a similar treatment. Dad did not tolerate physical fighting under any circumstances, and they`d had plenty of talks before about Dawn being unable to control her temper.

Dean sat down on the bench and fixed his intense stare on his daughter. He prompted her to tell her version of what had happened.

Having to talk about it made Dawn`s temper flare up a bit again. "Will put a snail in my hair! A big, gross, ugly snail that was all slimy, and-"

"And so you attacked him?"

"Well, yeah!" Dawn did feel that her anger was justified.

"And what would you have done to your brother if I hadn`t stopped you?" Dean asked rhetorically. His daughter had been so angry she`d looked ready to commit murder. "Do you think it`s alright to chase your brother down and wrestle with him because he put a snail in your hair?"

Dawn was quiet for a moment as she struggled to admit that no, perhaps her reaction hadn`t been all that fair. "It was a really big snail," she tried defending herself. "I got slime in my hair, and it`s all stupid Will`s fault!"

"Young lady, you should consider yourself lucky I don`t put you over my knee right now! You know I don`t tolerate this behaviour! You do not fight with your brother, got it?"

Dawn gulped, knowing she had crossed the line. "Yeah, I got it, Dad. I`m sorry."

Dean had no intention of delivering a proper over-the-knee spanking to his daughter in the middle of a public park, but he had also no intention of letting this incident slide. He knew he had to be harder on Dawn than he had been on Will, and he`d rather not have a bunch of people witness him discipline his eldest – he wasn`t too keen on being reported to the child protective services.

He glanced around quickly – there was no one around right now, so he went ahead and pulled Dawn to her feet.

Dean worked quickly, he smacked the seat of the denim shorts hard and fast, making each swat sharp and stinging to the max. Considering their surroundings, he couldn`t very well pull his daughters shorts down to spank over her panties, much less on her bare bottom, so he put a bit more strength behind the swats than he normally would, as the denim fabric offered fair protection.

Dawn yelped and tried to twist and jump away, Dad was certainly not happy with her, his hand was conveying that message clearly! Tears filled her eyes and spilled over by the time Dean had reached a dozen smacks and finished up with a slap to the back of both her thighs to make the lesson stick. Still, Dawn knew she had gotten off easier than if they`d been home in their own backyard.

The spanking over, Dean let go of his daughter`s arm and allowed her to rub her backside for a few seconds before pulling her close in a hug. He wasn`t feeling great about making both his children cry in the same day!

Soon Dawn`s shoulders had stopped shaking, and Dean could hear her breathing had relaxed. It was time to reinforce the lecture. He broke the embrace, making Dawn stand in the space between his legs like she was a child in kindergarten and not almost ten years old. At the moment though, Dawn didn`t care. She just wanted Dad to not be angry or disappointed with her.

"I know Will provoked you, but you should have come to me instead of trying to beat him up." Dean kept his voice firm. "You`re a big girl now, and you know better." He carefully brushed Dawn`s hair away from her face and gently stroked her warm cheek, catching a tear or two as they fell.

"I`ll try to remember that the next time he puts a snail in my hair," Dawn muttered, her breath hitching a little.

Dean grinned. "That`s my girl. Now come on, let`s go over to your brother so you two can apologize to each other and make friends again."

The father begun to walk across the lawn to where his youngest was waiting, and Dawn stayed close to his side, enjoying the comforting feeling of Dad`s strong arm wrapped around her slight frame.

A couple of minutes later, after apologies had been given and accepted, the sibling pair were lying in the grass (on their stomachs) each enjoying a comic book. It was then Sam and his daughters returned, and when Emily noticed her cousins were engaged in reading, her beloved hobby, she grabbed a Disney Princess magazine Sam had brought for her and settled down beside them. Her sister couldn`t read yet, but she certainly loved being read to!

Alice tugged firmly at the leg of Sam`s jeans. "Daddy! Can you read to me?" she begged.

"Sure, baby girl. You go get your book." While his youngest was occupied with this, Sam cast a thoughtful glance at his niece and nephew, wondering what event had passed while he was in the restroom with the girls. He knew the look of subdued children, but what they had done to feel the sting of Dean`s hand, he was in the dark about. "So, what happened here?" he muttered quietly to Dean so the kids wouldn`t hear.

"Dawn Hulked out, that`s what happened," Dean mumbled back.

Sam would have liked for Dean to elaborate, but by this point Alice had gotten her book and was eager for her story, so Sam settled down on the grass, put Alice on his lap and begun to read.

---- SPN ----

Sam glanced at his wristwatch. It was afternoon now, and the sun was still high in the sky. His youngest child had been getting increasingly tired and cranky, and Sam thought about cutting the day short so he could go home and put her down for a nap. He turned to Dean. "I think it`s time to head home. Alice is overdue for her nap, so..."

"Yeah, so?"

"So I can`t let her sleep in the car, and-"

"No, I mean why don`t you just take Alice home and let her get some rest, then come back. Look, Emily is having such a great time, it wouldn`t be fair to end it now just because Baby Winchester needs her nap. Besides, we haven`t had dinner yet."

"Well, OK, I wouldn`t mind coming back here afterwards. You sure you`re ok with watching her for a while?"

"Of course, do you even need to ask?"

Sam flashed his brother a grateful smile, then approached his eldest who was sitting cross-legged on the grass having her long chestnut hair braided by Dawn. Sam`s daughter was absent-mindedly pulling up small blades of grass as she chatted to her cousin.

"Emily? I`m going home to put Alice down for her nap, but you can stay here with Uncle Dean."

"Kay." Emily glanced up at her father, her pretty face scrunched up against the sunlight.

"See? She doesn`t even care if you`re here or not," Dean teased.

Sam chose to ignore the comment. Instead he squatted down to get eye contact with Emily. "Behave for your uncle, and I`ll be back soon." She nodded, and Sam smiled at her, patting her cheek.

Sam then scooped Alice up in his arms before telling her what was going to happen next. He had plenty of experience with Alice`s dislike for naps and bedtimes, and the last thing he was in the mood for was having her running wild around the park, hiding under benches. He therefore decided to not mention the reason why they were leaving, but if he`d hoped to avoid a tantrum, he sadly did not get his wish.

The tired and cranky four-year-old was not happy about having to leave the park, she wanted to stay and play more with her cousins! She immediatly set about wriggling and squirming in her father`s arms, trying to get down. "Noooo!" she whined loudly. "I don`t wanna go!"

"See you later, Dean," Sam called over his shoulder to his brother, and after putting one hand in his jeans pocket to make doubly sure he was carrying his car keys, he set off at a brisk pace with the struggling child in his arms. Walking to the car took several minutes, and all the way there Sam did his best to placate the angry toddler. His promises that they were only going home for a little while, they`d soon be back in the park so Alice could play more fell on deaf ears. By the time Sam was walking across the parking lot, his ribs felt bruised by Alice`s kicking legs and his ears were hurting from all the angry shrieking his daughter was doing. She was way beyond soothing at this point, and although Sam did his utmost to be patient, when he reached the car he had also reached his limit. He knew that even Charlie, who was waiting in the car for his loving owner, wouldn`t do anything to brighten Alice`s mood now, not to mention that it wouldn`t do any good to force the struggling, tantrumming child into the carseat, so with a heavy heart he did the exact thing he had hoped he wouldn`t need to.

The instant little Alice felt Daddy`s hand swat her bottom, she halted her angry screaming and instead broke into a teary wail, which for Sam was even harder to have to listen to. He hated having to discipline his baby, but what choice did he have? As he shifted the child in his arms, gently rocking her and whispering to her, Sam reminded himself that if it had been Dawn or Will acting up like this, they`d have their bottoms smacked way sooner. He gave himself a silent congratulations for being a more patient parent than his brother, even if all his patience had earned him was ringing ears and a bruised upper body.

As soon as Alice`s crying had settled down a little, her father sat her carefully down in her carseat and buckled her up. Sam gently wiped her face and handed her Charlie. The girl wrapped her chubby arms around the cherished unicorn and before Sam had even pulled out on the main road, she was fast asleep.

Alice continued sleeping the entire drive, and hardly stirred when Sam removed her from the carseat and carried her inside to lay her down on her bed. Sam debated with himself what to do with Charlie. Alice was used to sleeping with the plushie and would surely get upset when she awoke from her nap and did not find him by her side. At the same time, Sam wasn`t too keep on having to explain for the second time that day that Alice couldn`t bring Charlie to the park – which he was sure she`d insist on yet again when it was time to go back. Should he leave Charlie in the car then and save himself the trouble? No, better to play it safe.

Sam went into the living room to turn on his laptop before heading for the kitchen to make some coffee. In the meantime, Alice was enjoying her nap, Charlie safely lying on the bed next to her.

When Alice woke up, Sam gave Dean a ring on his mobile to let him know to fire up the mini grills. They needed about twenty minutes to heat up properly, and so the burgers would be ready for cooking when the younger Winchester brother returned to the park with his baby.

---- SPN ----

"Welcome back." Dean looked up from his squatting position on the grass to greet his brother and niece as they approaced. He had just laid the hamburgers on the grills, and the meat was sizzling from the heat.

The children were all busy playing on the lawn. Dawn was trying to teach her brother and cousin how to do cartwheels, but although both her students were willing to learn and eager to try, they were sadly not succeeding in copying her graceful movements.

Emily gave it a good effort, she managed a sort of half turn before collapsing on the grass. She looked up at her cousin, harshly blowing air out of her mouth in frustration. Emily was not a patient person, she didn`t like to try something and not immediatly get it right. The fact that Dawn could spin around so gracefully made her own failure harder to swallow. A hint of envy flashed in her green eyes as the long-legged Dawn once again flawlessly demonstrated a cartwheel.

"See? It`s not that hard." Dawn tried encouraging the younger girl. "Give it another try, you`ll get it right soon."

Will wasn`t doing any better. He posessed none of his sister`s grace and elegance, he was simply too clumsy to do any kind of acrobatics. He tried several times, but ended up in a heap of arms and legs on the lawn after each attempt, so he soon gave up and contended himself with watching the girls. When Dawn proceeded to show off her skills by walking on her hands (Emily was watching her with her mouth open, dead jealous at this impressive feat) Will considered, just for a split second, to push his sister. Just because. It would be kind of satisfying to see her take a tumble on the grass after all the close encounters he and Emily had had with it. But he quickly put this idea out of his mind. He`d already played a mean trick on his sister once today and landed himself in hot water with his father – he was not eager to do so again!

Alice came running up to the older children, throwing herself at her sister to give her a hug. "Emmy!"

Emily, who was sitting on the grass and had not been prepared to have the four-year-old jump her, rolled over in surprise, getting Alice on top of her. The sisters both laughed as they tumbled about.

Sam, who had been silently observing the kids, smiled proudly at his daughters. He seated himself next to Dean who was busy watching the hamburgers cook. Sam half expected his brother to start drooling any minute, Dean had the look of a dog eying a juicy steak.

"You know, you should be wearing one of those aprons that say `Kiss The Cook,`" Sam suggested, teasingly.

"And who should kiss me then? You? No thanks, man. I`m all for brotherly love and all, but-"


"Bitch," was the automatic response.

"Did Emily behave while I was gone?" Sam asked. He hoped his eldest hadn`t gotten up to any mischief in his absence.

"Oh yeah, she was a perfect little angel," Dean grinned, without a hint of sarcasm. "Did Alice enjoy her nap? She wasn`t too happy about you taking her home. That girl has got a set of lunges on her!"

"Yeah, you don`t need to tell me that," sighed Sam. "I was really hoping she`d grown out of this phase by now."

"What, the tantrums? Nah, you`re in for those for another year, at least."

"No, I mean the whole thing about her not wanting to take naps and go to bed when I tell her. I mean... it almost makes me feel like there`s something I`m not doing right. I never had this problem with Emily, not to this degree, at least."

"It`s just a phase, I wouldn`t worry about it," Dean assured his brother. "It`s not like you were easy on the ears at that age either. I remember plenty of times you refused to go down for naps and ran away to hide when Dad told you it was bedtime. Like you thought he couldn`t find you if you hid under the table or whatever. Man, you were such a stupid kid." Dean chuckled at the memories of a frustrated John having to carry Sam to the bedroom kicking and screaming.

Sam rolled his eyes. He certainly remembered the many times John had smacked him for refusing to go to bed, or repeatedly getting up. "Guess Alice takes after me, then," he thought to himself.

Out loud he asked Dean: "So what happened with Dawn and Will earlier?" He had been quite curious about it, but had been wrapped up in playing with the kids and so it had never been a good time to bring it up again.

"Oh, that..." Dean cleared his throat, flipping the hamburgers with the hand of a juggler. "It was no big deal, Will put a snail in Dawn`s hair, so she flipped and tried to kill him."

Sam had to smile at that. Like Dean, he could also recall the times they had chased some poor girl across the schoolyard, threatening to shove a wriggling worm in her face. Of course, that had mostly been Dean`s doing. Sam had taken a more scientific approach to bugs and insects. He`d enjoyed reading up on them and studying them. Sure, he`d also liked digging them up and such, but for his own wonder and enjoyment, not to scare the girls.

"Gee, I sure wonder where my niece gets her temper from," Sam mused theatrically.

"Yeah, it`s a mystery." Dean did not take the bait.

Sam was not quite done with teasing him yet, wanting to get his brother back about his remark about him being a stupid child. "You know, in just a few years Will`s gonna be chasing girls all over the place..." He paused cunningly, trying to see if he got the reaction he was looking for. "Of course, Dawn`s going to be chasing-"

He was cut off by Dean slapping his upper arm with the metal spatula. "You`d better shut your mouth, or we`ll be having Samburgers for dinner!

---- SPN ----

About an hour later, the Winchester clan had lef the park and was heading home.

Sam shot a glance at his daughters in the rearview mirror. Little Alice had fallen asleep in Sam`s arms as he had been carrying her out of the park, and from the way Emily`s eyes were drooping, her head leaning heavily against the car seat, sleep was about to claim her too. All the children had been quite worn out by their long, fun day at the park. It had been a great succsess.

"We had a fun day, didn`t we, big girl?" smiled Sam.

But from the backseat came no confirmation. Emily had already dozed off.

Sam smiled lovingly at the reflection of his sleeping children before turning his attention back to the road.

Birthday/prompt fic: For brassband777

Author: Capricorn86 – written for brassband777`s birthday

Prompt: Family day out with all the kids, set after both Melissa and Laura have passed away

Characters: Sam, Emily (6) Alice (4) Dean, Dawn (9) Will (8)

Notes: This fic contains my four Ocs in a AU verse where Dean and Sam live normal lives after leaving the hunting lifestyle. Melissa is Deans ex-girlfriend who died from cancer, and Laura is Sam`s late wife, who was killed in a hit-and-run. Dean and Sam now raise their children alone, Sam works as a lawyer and Dean as a car mechanic.

English is not my native tongue, I apologize for any mistakes.

Total word count: 8,612

Part 2 located here: http://capricorn86.livejournal.com/35447.html

Summer was dying.

The end of summer always means change. It`s a time for new beginnings. Certain things end, while others start.

School and kindergarten would start up again in a week. It wasn`t too early to start getting back into the old swing of things. Dayrhythms and sleeping patterns had a tendency to alter during the long vacation time. Of course, for single parents like Dean and Sam Winchester, the two month summer holiday carried with it certain challenges.

They both had a set ammount of paid vacation each year, and their employers were understanding of their situation. They had to rely on both each other, patient neighbours and trustworthy babysitters to make things work. Each year they tried co-ordinating their schedules so they`d have a couple of weeks vacation time together, to give their children plenty of time to play with their cousins, and to give themselves a well deserved break.

With only one week left before school was starting, Dean was on his last vacation week for the summer whereas Sam had two weeks left. He had moved things around a bit so that he could be there as much as possible for his eldest daughter for her first week of school. He wanted to be able to take her there on her first day, and bring her to and fro the first week until she felt confident enough to take the school bus on her own. That said, if there was one thing Emily Winchester lacked, it certainly wasn`t courage or confidence. If anything, her father felt more apprehensive about her starting school than she herself did! It was a big step forward in his little girl`s life. What Sam wouldn`t give for his beloved wife Laura to be there with him, watching their firstborn embark on her first day of formal education.

Sam Winchester closed the bedroom door and moved quietly down the hallway. He had just put Emily to bed, and now he was going to make some preperations for the outing they were going to go on the following day. He knew that the more stuff he got ready now, the more time he`d save in the morning.

Dean and himself had planned on taking the four children to the park, they had talked about spending the majority of the day there. They were going to bring plenty of food, snacks and toys to keep the kids entertained. It was going to be great for the two fathers to relax and enjoy the sunny wheather while their children played together. That was to say, Dean would be doing plenty of relaxing as his children were big enough to not need continous parental supervision. Sam`s youngest was only four, which meant (in his own opinion) that he couldn`t take his eyes off her for a minute. He counted on it being a fun and enjoyable day for the whole Winchester clan in any case. Both Dean and himself were immensly grateful that their children shared such a close bond, and could without problems spend hours in each others company without growing bored.

As he was packing a bag of things, Sam tried to make a list in his head of what he needed. He knew Dean was bringing dinner, and he, Sam, was going to bring sandwiches and fruit, which he was going to prepare in the morning before leaving, so it was as fresh as possible. He had gone to the Farmer`s Market together with his daughters earlier that day and picked up some delicious, organic fruits he felt certain the kids would all like.

He had checked the wheather forecast for tomorrow on his laptop already, and had seen no signs of rain. Still, he wondered, if they were to be outside all day at the park, perhaps he should bring the girls raincoats, just in case? They had experienced a light shower in the afternoon. After pondering for a minute, he decided against it. He doubted it would rain again tomorrow anyway.

Sam knew it would be a good idea to bring a sweater or long-armed shirt for each of the girls, but he`d have to get those out tomorrow, as Alice and Emily had both been put to bed. He had already grabbed a couple of books from each of their bedrooms plus comics for his eldest.

Finally, in the spirit of foresight, he also added a small toy ball to his bag.

Feeling quite satisfied and organized, Sam settled down in front of the TV.

--- SPN ---

Dean Winchester had not bothered to get much ready the evening before. So the following morning he was a little on edge due to being in a hurry. He had arranged with Sam to meet up by the park entrance at 11:00. Dean needed fifteen minutes to drive there, and with an annoyed glance at the kitchen clock, he realized he was running late.

"Kids! Hurry up, we gotta go!"

"Daddy, can I bring my football to the park?" Dean`s eight-year-old son Will came running into the kitchen, almost colliding with his father as Dean was coming out of the room to go put the cooling bag in the car.

"Yes, you can-" Dean broke off as he noticed the t-shirt Will was wearing could hardly be called clean. Dean was the last person to care if his own clothes got stained, but he knew his son had been wearing that shirt all day yesterday, and would like for him to put on a fresh one. Dean felt certain he`d put out a new pair of clothes for Will when he put him to bed last night. How could the kid have missed it? He seemed to have grabbed the clothes found on the floor instead. "Will, you need to put on new clothes, use the ones I put on the chair for you."

"But I didn`t see-" the boy`s voice got cut off as his father pulled his t-shirt up over his head.

"This is going in the hamper," Dean instructed. "Lose the shorts too, while you`re at it. Now go up to your room and change." And use those beautiful eyes your mother gave you!

When he returned after loading the cooling bag in the car, he met Dawn, who wanted to wear a dress. Dean tried to explain to her that shorts and a t-shirt would be more practical, besides, they were going to sit on the grass, what if she got dirty stains on her pretty dress that wouldn`t wash out? This got the girl moving, and by the time Dean had made sure he had all the food and drinks needed, both his children were dressed properly for their day in the park.

Soon Dean and his kids were all climbing into the Impala. Dean instructed them to buckle up while he took a moment to think if there was anything he`d forgotten. "Okay, guys, we`re off. Are you sure you got everything?" They both nodded at him. "I`m not turning around if you forgot something," he warned them.

When neither Dawn nor Will made a move, Dean turned the key in the ignition and the Impala roared to life. Before he could put his foot on the gas pedal however, Will gave a shout from the backseat: "Wait! I`ve forgotten my football!"

Dean clenched his jaw. They were late as it is! He felt sure the kid would forget his own head if it wasn`t attached to his shoulders. He left the engine on, but Will made no sign to leave the car. His father turned to face him, realizing the boy was awaiting permission to climb out. "Go get your ball, but hurry up!"

"Thanks, Daddy!" Will fumbled with his seatbelt, but although Dean was stressed and annoyed, he was kind enough not to rush the kid. The boy darted inside the house and returned quickly with his beloved football. "OK, now I`m really ready, promise!" he announced once he was back in the car.

"Alright, you`re both ready for a fun day at the park?" Dean asked.

"YEAH!" his children yelled in unison. They were looking forward to spending the whole day with their cousins and Uncle Sam!

"Alright, then let`s go."

--- SPN ---

Leavenworth County State Park was a large park spanning over 4 KM. It had a playground and a designated area for dogs (all dogs must be kept on leashes everywhere else in the park) where owners could let them run around, chase balls and fetch sticks. There was a duckpond located in the middle of the park, plus a barbeque area with grills and benches. The use of mini grills was discouraged due to littering and the fire hazard they posed, epsecially in long periods with dry, warm wheather. There had been a light rainshower the previous day, so the park managers expected to find mini grills discarded carelessly here and there across the park when they made their round. Smoking was not allowed within the park area, but the management knew most people wouldn`t obey that rule, so they`d made sure to put up plenty of trashcans with special trays for collecting ashes on top – if people insisted on breaking the rules of the park, they would at least encourage them to not dump cigarette butts everywhere.

Consumption of alcohol was also prohibited, but empty and broken beer bottles found here and there spoke witness to the fact that visitors to the park really couldn`t give a crap about the rules.

The park was fenced in and the gates locked at 23:00 each night. This did however not prevent the odd homeless person from breaking in there to catch some Zs on one of the benches.

Park personell was also trained to look for shots – it wasn`t uncommon for junkies to assemble in the park to get their fixes or even pick up drugs.

But Leavenworth was first and foremost a family place. On any Sunday afternoon one could see plenty of families gathering to sit on the neatly trimmed lawns, mothers pushing their prams along the path and the odd couple showing their affection for each other underneath the rhodedendron bushes.

On this summer day however, the park looked mostly deserted, at least when the Winchester clan entered through its gates. They had wanted to arrive early so they could find themselves a nice, secluded spot.

Before even setting foot inside the park, Sam and Dean had given the kids strict instructions to stay within sight of them at all times. If they needed to use the porta potty, they had to tell one of them, no wandering off alone for any reason! (Sam gave his eldest a pointed look when he said this). The children were also given a warning as to what the consequence would be if these orders were not obeyed.

The family went deep into the park, calmy taking their time until they found a place underneath a large oak tree that seemed suitable.

They knew there would probably be lots of people about in the park as the day wore on, but many of Lawrences residents had yet to return from their summer holidays, so the Winchesters may very well be in for a quiet, peaceful day.

--- SPN ---

An hour and a half later, there hadn`t been many people walking by the large oak tree where Sam and Dean were now sitting, observing their children at play. And no one had settled down close to them either. They were both pleased at this. Neither of them felt like sitting on a crowded lawn, they preferred a bit of privacy.

"Daddy!" Little Alice came running up to her father. "I need to pee!" She announced loudly.

Sam was hardly surprised, he had expected his youngest needing to do that after all the water she had been drinking. (As the wheather was warm, he was making sure she stayed properly hydrated). He got up from the grass and grabbed her by the hand. "OK, come on, Daddy will take you. Uh, Dean, can you..."

Dean nodded, understanding immediatly that Sam wanted him to watch over Emily while he was taking his youngest to the toilet. Emily herself was so busy playing with her cousins she didn`t even notice her father and sister walking together down the path.

When Sam returned with Alice a short while later, he noticed Dawn was busy removing the boxes of food from the cooling bag. The kids had told Dean they were hungry, and he was never one to turn down an oppurtunity to eat. He`d instructed his eldest to start getting the food out and was just about to tell his son and niece to halt their current activity when Sam and Alice rejoined them. Sam was less than pleased to discover exactly what his eldest child was currently up to.

"Hi, Daddy!" Emily called down. "Look at me! I`m really high up!"

"What the hell..?" Sam felt his heart skip a beat. His six-year-old and his nephew had both climbed up one of the tall trees that were found everywhere in the area. Most of the trees in the park had been trimmed of their lower branches to avoid children climbing in them, but there were several trees with branches low enough for the average adult to reach and be able to pull themselves up if they had the strength. The tree Emily and Will were currently sitting in had no branches that were low enough for them to climb up on their own, so Sam understood immediatly that Dean had given them permission to climb and even helped them to do so, which meant it would be quite unfair of Sam to discipline Emily as she had been allowed by her uncle.

Climbing was an activity Sam tried to discourage. If they were at a playground and his eldest wanted to climb on the monkey bars or the like, he`d naturally let her, but if Sam caught her or Alice climbing on the furniture at home he would smack them as they knew he didn`t accept it. In Sam`s eyes, climbing on the furniture or in tall trees posed a risk to his daughter`s safety, and he was quite annoyed with Dean for allowing her to do something that put her at risk.

"Is this what you call keeping an eye on her?" growled Sam, glaring daggers at his brother.

"I`m looking at her, aint I?" Dean countered. "She`s just climbing the tree, no big deal."

"Emily, get down from there," Sam called up to his eldest. "You could fall down and hurt yourself!"

"I won`t fall down, Daddy!" Emily objected, not wanting to get down at all. Besides, Uncle Dean had told her it was okay to climb the tree. Daddy was being so unfair!

"Do as you`re told, Emily Elizabeth," Sam said sternly. He`d climb up the tree himself to grab the girl if he had to! He just wanted her down on the ground where she belonged.

The six-year-old knew Sam meant business. After a tiny, spiteful hesitation, she slowly climbed down on the lowest branch so her father could grab her and lift her down.

"It`s not fair, how come Will can climb and I don`t?" Emily complained, referring to her cousin who was still sitting in the tree, watching the battle of wills between father and daughter.

There was a sticky moment, but Dean came to the rescue. "Will, you`d better get down now. We`re gonna have some lunch."

The boy complied. He loved to climb trees, but it wasn`t any fun if Emily wasn`t allowed too. He sure didn`t feel like sitting up there alone.

"We can go to the playground after we`ve eaten," Sam tried suggesting to cheer Emily up. "You can climb on the monkey bars, okay, big girl?"

But Emily was in a huff about Daddy ruining her fun. "NO! I don`t WANT to climb on the stupid monkey bars!" She yelled and stomped her foot angrily in the grass.

Sam reacted instantly by landing a single firm swat to the seat of the girls cotton shorts. He tried to avoid swatting his daughters in public, but in this instance he felt it was called for.

"Ouch!" Emily`s hands flew back to rub at the sudden sting.

"I understand you`re upset, but you do not yell at me," Sam warned.

He felt a prick of guilty conscience at seeing Emily`s eyes glazing over with tears. Sam knew Emily didn`t cry from being given a single smack, she was welling up as a reaction to what she felt was being treated unfairly. She was feeling angry and upset, and although Sam could appreciate her point of view, he was not accepting his six-year-old yelling to his face.

Will had winced at seeing his cousin get swatted. Uncle Sam`s hands were real big, and he smacked just as hard as his own Daddy! The kind boy went to Emily`s side and slipped his hand in hers, giving it a comforting squeeze. He understood that she was upset and totally agreed that Uncle Sam was being unfair. After all, Will had asked Daddy if he and Emily could climb, and he had said that it was fine.

While this was going on, Dawn had been kept company by Alice, who was now eagerly munching on a slice of watermelon the older girl had handed her.

Will and Emily went over to join them, and as they were out of earshot, Dean turned to Sam, shaking his head. "Nice job, dude."

Sam knew exactly what he was referring to. "I am not risking my daughter ending up at the emergency room with a broken arm or worse!" he hissed. "And you shouldn`t undermine my authority by letting her do something that conflicts with the rules I set for her."

"You`re totally exaggerating, we climbed trees all the time as kids, and we never fell down." Dean was feeling a bit exasperated at his brother – Sam was being too protective in his mind. The kids hadn`t been very far up the tree, and if Emily had fallen, Dean had been standing there, ready to catch her. His son had after all been up in that tree too, and Dean would never let him, his daughter or either of his nieces do anything dangerous. The problem was that Dean and Sam defined risky play in very different ways.

The two men went over to the children, who were all now eager to eat. Dean thanked Dawn for helping to put the food out, and Sam seated himself next to his brother.

"Emily, do you want to sit here?" Sam asked kindly, patting the grass next to him.

But the girl wasn`t feeling ready to mend fences just yet. She still had some pouting to do, so as Will sat down next to his father, Emily seated herself next to her cousin.

"She`s giving you the cold shoulder," Dean mumbled to Sam.

"Shut up."

Alice was more than happy to sit next to Daddy, and with Dawn sitting by her side, the Winchester clan was ready to enjoy a hearty lunch.

Sam handed out sandwiches and juice boxes to all the children before grabbing a sandwich for himself and Dean. The eldest Winchester man produced a beerbottle from the cooling bag, while his brother was satisfied with water for the time being.

The kids all chatted cheerily while eating, and once their sandwiches had been more or less consumed, they could have their pick of the fruit Sam had brought. Dawn wanted watermelon and red cherries, while Will and Emily each picked two slices of orange and some strawberries. Alice wanted strawberries too, plus a slice of cucumber. There were certainly nothing wrong with the children`s apetities.

Sam found a packet of rice cakes in his bag, and he fished out two, happily chewing on one before noticing the extremly skeptical look Dean was throwing him. "What?"

"Dude, what are you, a chick on a diet?"

Sam furrowed his brow, wondering if his brother had failed to notice the slices of bread and fuit he had already thrown down the hatch.

"That`s not food for real men," Dean continued.

Sam was used to being critized by his brother for his eating habits. "I think they`re delicious!" he defended himself, biting into the second rice cake and making yumming noises to prove to Dean how good it was.

"They`re all dry, they taste like paper!" he spat, disgusted.

Sam had a hard time believing Dean had ever even tried them. "How would you even know that, Dean? You hardly eat anything that won`t clog your artieries."

"Mel used to eat them all the time."

"Oh..." Sam hadn`t realized. He felt bad about inadverdently bringing up his brother`s ex girlfriend, knowing how painful it was for himself to talk about his deceased wife Laura, even two years on. He knew that Dean kept all his true feelings bottled up, he rarely let any bubble to the surface if he could help it. For Dean, being honest about his emotions and letting the tough-guy mask slip was very difficult and so it rarely happened.

Dean went on. "Yeah, she loved them. Always kept a pack on the counter. She`d eat them when she was feeling peckish or fancied something sweet. Took the edge off the hunger if a meal was running late, kept her from diving into the cupboards in search of some calory-infested snack. God forbid she`d gain weight, you know?" He took a deep swig of his beer. "She was always careful about what she ate, but after her pregnancies it got worse... She couldn`t shed the baby pounds fast enough. Mel was just naturally slim, but she still worked hard at her figure. I sure didn`t mind that," he grinned. "She lost the extra weight pretty fast after each of the kids arrived and was very happy for it. I didn`t mind her being healthy and keeping fit, but it did bug me when she nagged me to follow her example. Like I`d be caught dead having salad and water for lunch. I`m not you!" Dean finished, pointing an accusatory finger at Sam, like it was something wrong with a grown man watching his waistline. Not that Dean had ever been anything but hard muscle. A lifetime of John Winchesters training regime had seen to that.

Dean patted his chest. "Don`t need no woman telling me to be healthy. I`m as healthy as a horse!"

"Sure you are," Sam nodded. He knew all about Dean`s love of junk food. In fact, it had been Sam who had brought the sandwiches and fruit for lunch whereas Deans contribution in the way of todays dinner was frozen hamburgers. He`d bought two mini grills and planned on firing them up later.

The attention of both men was suddenly claimed by a loud outburst of laughter from Emily. "Look, Daddy!" she gasped, pointing at Will.

Both Sam and Dean smiled and chuckled when they saw what Will was doing – he had put an orange slice in his mouth and held it with his teeth, making the bright orange peel stick out between his lips. He looked so goofy he made little Alice laugh so hard she nearly rolled over. Dawn also found her brother`s silliness amusing and chose to follow up, wanting to harvest some laughs herself. She grabbed two pairs of cherries and hung them on her ears. "I got new earrings!"

The other children laughed, and Dean said teasingly to his kids that fruit was for eating, not playing with.

Sam was just happy to see Emily smiling and laughing, it told him she was quite finished with being offended with him. He thought to himself that he should be glad that her anger was never long-lasting – ten years from now temper tantrums and attitude would take on a whole new dimension in his household, and he certainly wasn`t looking forward to that! Right now he was very happy that his girls were still little and that hurt feelings could easily be soothed.

Part 2 located here: http://capricorn86.livejournal.com/35447.html

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Part 1 here: http://capricorn86.livejournal.com/34706.html

Sam unlocked the front door and stepped inside, calling out for his youngest.

Twelve-year-old Alice came into the hallway and greeted him with a hug. "Hi, Daddy."
"Hi, baby girl. How was school?"
She shrugged. "Meh. How was work?"
Sam smiled down at her. "Pretty `meh` too. Sorry I`m so late home today, things sorta dragged out... Have you and Emily eaten?"
Alice nodded.
"Good. Listen, Alice, I forgot to swing by the shop on the way home, could you go down there and pick up a couple things for me?"
She nodded again. "I can take my bike."
"Don`t forget your helmet then, OK? And put your jacket on, it`s a bit chilly out."
"Be careful, remember to walk your bike across the street and-"
"Look both ways," Alice finished the sentence for him. "I know all that Daddy, I`m not six anymore!"
Sam smiled weakly. "I know."
He hastily scribbled down a few groceries on a piece of paper and handed the list to his youngest, along with some money.
"That should cover it."
Alice stuffed the list and the bills in her jeans pocket. "Can I get some sweets as well?"
Alice didn`t push it, thinking she could pick up some candy and snacks on the way over to Lucy`s the next day. She was really looking forward to the sleepover, it was going to be so much fun!
A couple of minutes later, Sam watched her from the kitchen window as she pulled her bike out from the garage and rode down the pavement.
He poured himself a glass of water, leaning against the counter top as he gulped it down.
He certainly wasn`t looking forward to spanking Emily, but the way he saw it, it was the only way to get through to her and get his point across. In and of itself, making a phone call despite being grounded seemed fairly innocent, it`s not like Emily had snuck out to go to the party or been roaming the streets for hours after school, but Sam felt he had to crack down hard on this behaviour. If he let her off easy this time, what could she be tempted to see if she could get away with in the future? No, he had to nip this in the bud. It was more a matter of principle than about the phonecall itself.

Breaking a grounding was one of the things that would earn his daughters a spanking at any age, at least their father felt they should be aware of that.
Sam would have liked to change out of his suit and into something less formal, but he didn`t want to waste time (he needed the spanking to be over in good time before Alice came back) and so he limited himself to taking off his jacket and tie, and hung them neatly over a kitchen chair. He then slipped his wristwatch off and left it on the counter before uncuffing the wrists on his shirt and folding the right sleeve up a bit.

He rapped his knuckle once against her bedroom door before entering. Emily had been lying on the bed, but sat up when Sam entered, guilt and worry flashing in her eyes.
"OK, how much trouble am I in?"
Sam placed himself in front of her and put his hands on his hips. "Well let`s see, you broke the terms of your grounding.."
The low mutter did not escape Sam`s keen hearing. "Sue me for breach of contract."
"Excuse me?"
Emily pressed her lips together, knowing she was only making things worse for herself. Still, she chanced to appeal to her father`s sense of reason: "You have told me that I can use the phone when I`m grounded, if-"
"If it`s an emergency, yes! Or if you really need to reach me for something. If that had been the case today, I somehow doubt you would have called your cousin instead of me."
The teen was silent and didn`t look at her father.
"What`s gotten into you lately? If there is something bothering you, you can come and talk to me. You know that." When Emily didn`t say anything, Sam continued, wanting to make sure he understood why his eldest was acting out: "Is this about the party, or something else?"
"I`m just so sick of all the rules," Emily mumbled. "All my friends get to do stuff, and I don`t. It`s not fair. I just feel like everyone else have more freedom than I do. You`re so strict, and it sucks."
Sam had to fight not to smile at that. "I`m sure your friends all have rules they need to follow too."
"Not as many as me, I`d bet."
"I`m sorry you feel that way, but I make the rules in this house, and when you don`t follow them, there are consequences. Breaking your grounding is not the way to convince me to allow you more freedom."
"I`m sorry, I won`t do it again," Emily tried.
"I`ll make sure you don`t."
Sam grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet, at the same time seating himself on the edge of the bed. He looked her in the eyes. "Jeans down."
"Are you serious?"
"Does it look like I`m joking?"
"Dad, please! I`m too old for a spanking!" Emily whined.
"I`ll be the judge of that. Do as you`re told."
"For fucks sake." Emily reluctantly popped the button on her pants and unzipped.
"I`ll choose to ignore that," Sam remarked dryly.
With quick movements, he yanked the girls jeans down to her knees and pulled her over his lap.

"This is totally out of order... Oww!" Emily`s complaint turned into yelps and hisses of pain as Sam`s large heavy hand came crashing down on her panties lighting a rapid fire in her hindquarters.
Sam spanked hard and fast, making each smack count. He landed them in pairs at first, swatting the same spot twice before moving on, methodically covering every inch of Emily`s buttocks. After having completed one round, he felt the girl wriggle hard on his lap, and he slowed the tempo down a little bit, landing swats at random now. He didn`t pause once to lecture, feeling he had done enough of that already. Emily complained loudly when he targeted the sit spots, and soon Sam heard her start to cry.
He had not intended for this to be a harsh spanking, more a way to underline the fact that the rules were in place for a reason, and deliberate disobedience was not tolerated.
He finished up the spanking by landing a few extra hard swats to make sure he got his point across.
As soon as she realized it was over, Emily scrambled to her feet, giving Sam no time to rub her back like he usually did at the end of a spanking.
She gave her backside a few fierce rubs before pulling her jeans back up despite how much her butt was throbbing and how sore it felt. After suffering the embarrassment of being spanked like a little kid, she had no intention of adding to it by standing in front of her father in her underwear. Emily wiped her eyes, but some fresh tears still fell. She gave up trying to hide them or hold them back, and instead rubbed her behind some more.
It was hard for Sam, having to spank his eldest again after such a long time. He hated causing her pain. Seeing her standing in front of him now, she looked much more like a repentant child than a confident teenager, and he wanted nothing more than to comfort her.
Forcing himself to remain stern for a minute longer, Sam said: "You`re now grounded until Monday. The same rules still apply: No electronics" (here Emily opened her mouth, wanting to ask if she`d still be allowed to read books and use her art supplies, but thought better of interrupting) "That means no phone, no TV, and no borrowing my laptop. I`ll make a list of chores, and I expect you to do them all properly. Not to mention I want you to show a better attitude than you have been giving me these last few days. Aside from mealtimes and chores, you are to stay in your room. Are we clear?"
Emily nodded weakly, another couple of tears trickling down her face. "Yeah," she muttered shakily. "I`m sorry, Dad."
He knew the apology was sincere. "I know, sweetheart. I forgive you."
Sam would have loved to sit Emily on his lap and hold her, cuddle her the way he`d used to when she was younger, but he was painfully aware that she was not a little girl anymore.
Also knowing from personal experience how uncomfortable it is sitting right after a spanking, even a relatively mild one, Sam stood up rather than invite Emily to sit down next to him.
He wasn`t sure if she wanted to be hugged and comforted right now, or if she`d prefer some alone time, but Sam ached to be close to her, to feel that they were OK again.
Things had been a bit strained between them for a couple days, and Sam had had plenty of vivid flashes of how John and himself had argued, and how Sam had been huffy and sulky for days, glaring daggers at his father and generally giving him the cold shoulder, shutting him out.
Sam had a very good, close relationship with both his daughters, and during the past few days, he had begun to fear that his eldest was slipping away from him.
He needn`t have worried.
No sooner was Sam on his feet, before Emily leaned into him, craving comfort just like she had when she`d been younger. Nothing had changed there. She still needed her Daddy as much as ever.
Sam held her tight, running his large hand over her dark hair while the last of her tears dried. "It`s alright now, Emily."
"I`m sorry I yelled at you and stuff," the girl sniffed. "I love you, Dad."
"I love you too." Sam kissed her wet, warm cheek. "So very much."

--- SPN ---

On the third ring, the phone was lifted off the hook, and a girl`s voice answered. "Hello?"
"Hi, Dawn. Aren`t you supposed to be in bed? It`s late."
"Haha, Uncle Sam."
"Are you looking forward to tomorrow?"
"Oh yeah," Dawn replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "I just can`t wait to crunch those numbers!" She continued: "Thanks for helping me out, Dad is hopeless at math."
"I heard that!" Dean exclaimed from somewhere in the background.
Dawn giggled. "Hey, Dad, Uncle Sam says he`s way smarter than you!"
Dean`s voice was much closer to the phone now. "Sam, what kind of awful lies are you feeding my daughter?"
"Hey, you know I don`t lie, Dean," Sam replied, smiling to himself as he heard Dawn giggle again. "I`ll see you tomorrow, Dawn, I just need to talk to your dad."
"OK, bye!"
There was a shuffling noise as Dawn handed the receiver to her father, and Sam caught a brief exchange between her and Dean:
"Are you going to bed now, Dawn?"
"In a little while, there`s a rerun of Friends on."
"Don`t stay up too late."
"I won`t."
"OK, Sammy, you have my undivided attention," Dean said. "What`s up?"
"Uh, listen Dean, I just wanted to say I`m sorry for the way I acted earlier today..."
"You wanna tell me what that was all about? You were acting like a girl on her period."
"That`s sexist."
"You can`t deny it`s true."
Sam rolled his eyes, momentarily forgetting that his brother couldn`t see him.
"So what`s going on? " Dean prompted impatiently. "It`s about Emily, isn`t it?"
"Yeah, it is," Sam sighed.
And so he proceeded to tell his brother everything that had happened between him and Emily.
"I was just reminded so much of me and Dad, you know?" Sam said.
"Yeah, trust me, I remember what that was like."
Sam sighed and dragged a hand over his face. "And not only that, there`s stuff at work, this case I`m working on that`s really been getting to me."
"What case?"
"I can`t discuss the details of my cases, you know that, Dean. Anyway, it`s been taking up a lot of extra time, things have been dragging out, and I`ve been late home several days this week. I`m worried that the girls, Emily in particular, are acting out because I`ve been so much absent. I just.. you know, you remember what it was like, with Dad, when he was... away... We`d pull all kinds of stupid shit if we thought he wouldn`t find out."
"Yeah, he always did, though."
Sam dragged a hand over his face. "And I cant`t help thinking-"
"No, of course you can`t," Dean interrupted. "I`m gonna stop you right there, Sigfried."
Sam snorted a laugh. "I think you mean Sigmund."
"Whatever. You overthink everything, Sam. You have nothing to worry about. I work extra hours and late shifts all the time, my kids handle it just fine. Emily is growing up, and you`re having problems adjusting to the fact that she`s not a little kid anymore. Teens act out and get in trouble. Some more than others. My kids have gotten into more messes than I care to count, but I`m pretty sure we still hold the record."
"Like that`s something to be proud of. And Emily is not that grown up yet," Sam shot in. "She`s only fourteen."
"Why do I think we`re gonna have a rerun of this convo in two or three years time with you being a hysterical wreck because Alice is-"
"Don`t man! Just, please. Don`t."
"Look dude, don`t beat yourself up about it. Girls are hard."
"`Girls are hard?`" Sam repeated. "In what way is that supposed to make me feel better?"
"Just statin the facts, man. What do you want, a friggin medal?"

Footnote: Sigfried (Sigfried and Roy, a magic/illusion act)
- Sigmund (Freud) Which of course was who Dean meant to be referring to!

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Title: -
Author: Capricorn86
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, Dawn (18) Will (16) Emily (14) Alice (12)
Scenario: AU -  Daddy!Sam, Sam spanks Emily
Implement: Hand
Summary: Emily is grounded, but takes a chance and breaks the rules. Sam reflects on the relationship with his eldest daughter, remembering the strained relationship he had with John in his teens.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Spanking and swearing

Word count: 4,636

"Hi Dean."
"Hey, Sam. What`s with the suit, you coming straight from work?"
"Yeah. Is Dawn home?"
"Yeah, she`s in her room, want me to go get her?"
"No, that`s alright. I just needed to ask if Dawn could come over to my place on Saturday instead of me coming here. I kinda need to stay at home tomorrow."
"Why, what`s up?"
Sam waved a hand dismissively. "It`s nothing, but can you take care of it? Drop her off around noon on Saturday?"
"Uh, yeah, sure. Hey listen, Sammy I really appreciate you helping her with her math, you know, she`s struggling, and it`s not my strong point. What with her graduating this year.."
"No problem, I`m happy to help," Sam interrupted. He turned to leave. "I should get home.."
"You don`t wanna come in for a beer or a coffee?"
"No, I need to get back to the girls."
Dean wrinkled his brow. "Why`d you come over here? You couldv`e just called."
"I tried, but the battery on my mobile went flat when I was in the car. I forgot to charge it last night. Anyway, your place is pretty close to work so I figured I could just take the little detour instead of heading back to the office just to use the phone. The girls already know I`ll be late today, I called the house earlier and talked to Alice."
"Well, I`m sure they`re perfectly capable of taking care of themselves for a little while. You look beat, why don`t you come in and grab a beer with me?"
Sam shook his head. "Some other time. Could I just use the bathroom though?"
After a moments hesitation, Dean stepped to the side to let Sam into the house. It wasn`t that Dean was reluctant to let his brother use the toilet, but the older Winchester could sense that something was wrong, and it bothered him that Sam was seemingly not going to share.
Sam was clearly stressed, but that could of course be caused by the long day he`d had at work, on top of the long workweek that was coming to an end today.
Did he have qualms about leaving his daughters alone, Dean thought to himself. He felt certain that it wasn`t the first time Sam had had to stay behind at the office to finish up. Dean himself often had long hours at the garage where he worked, but his kids were in their late teens, and had no problem fixing themselves a meal and getting their homework done without their father hovering over their shoulders.
Dean went into the kitchen and was soon joined by his son Will, who came in to grab himself a can of coke. He had his mobile pinned against his ear as he opened the can, and was laughing loudly at something the person in the other end was saying. "No way!"
"Who are you on the phone with?" Dean asked.
"Emily," Will answered.
Sam, who just then came into the room, caught his daughters name. "My Emily?" he asked his nephew.
The boy, who had no idea his uncle was in the house, jumped in surprise and spun to face him. His beautiful blue eyes were wide, and he stuttered: "Uh, n-no. Emily... Dickinson."
"Who?" asked Dean. He had never heard of this girl.
Sams gaze narrowed. "Oh really? Well your reception must be pretty damn impressive, Will, considering you can receive phone calls from beyond the grave!"
Will`s attention was claimed by the person on the phone, but instead of responding to them, he gave the mobile to his uncle, who was silently holding out his hand.
Dean, still feeling clueless about what was going on, caught Sam`s side of the conversation.
"Emily Elizabeth, put the phone down right now and go to your room. I expect to find you there when I come home, and then you and I are going to have a talk about you breaking the terms of your grounding."
When Will got his phone back, he didn`t even bother putting it to his ear, knowing the conversation had already been cut off from the other end.
He cursed himself inwardly for not being able to think on his feet and make up a name. Anything would have worked, anything that wasn`t Winchester. Dickinson was the first thing that had popped into his head. The name of the famous American poet was the second thing he associated with the name Emily, his cousin obviously being the first.
The boy exited wordlessly, feeling very guilty about getting Emily in trouble. The conscienscous boy had for the moment forgotten that she had been the one to make the phone call in the first place.
Sam sighed deeply. "I gotta go. You`ll drop Dawn off at noon tomorrow, yeah?"
Dean nodded. "Sure. Listen, before you go..."
"What is it, Dean?" Sam snapped irritably.
"I don`t know, Sam. What is it? What`s going on with you today, you`re even moodier than usual. You look like you need a Happy Meal."
Sam glared dangerously at his brother. "Look, I`m just... I got a lot on my plate, OK."
"Is this about Emily? Everything alright between-"
"Everything`s fine!" Sam cut him off sharply.
Before Dean could say anything else, Sam was already in the hallway.
"I gotta get home. See ya Saturday," he called back over his shoulder before slamming the front door shut.

--- SPN ---

As Dean would learn later, it had started Thursday afternoon, when Sam had come home from work.
As he was driving home, Sam recalled yesterday`s events. Both his daughters had come rushing into the hallway, talking over each other:

Sam held up a hand to quiet the two eager girls. "Just a second, let me get inside." He put his briefcase on the floor and hung up his coat.
"OK, me first," Emily blurted out, impatiently. "Can I go to a party tomorrow night?"
"Uh, what party? Who`s holding it?"
"It`s gonna be at Josh`s house. Ashley said-"
"Who`s Josh? I`ve never heard you mention him before. Is he in your class?"
Sam didn`t miss the slight hesitation before the answer came. "No, he`s in a different grade."
"So he`s older than you. Will his parents be there? When does the party start?"
"At nine. And I think his parents are going away for the weekend."
"So just so we`re clear, you`re asking me if you can go to a party hosted by an older boy with no parental supervision, which in addition starts 30 min before your curfew."
Emily nodded, sensing this wasn`t going very well.
"How old is this Josh?"
Sam raised his eyebrows. "And I`m assuming there`ll be a healthy mix of teenagers and alcohol at this home-alone-party."
"Well, I can guarantee that there won`t be any drugs," the girl replied cheekily.
Sam wasn`t naive. He knew very well that plenty of teenagers took the opportunity to party hard in their parents absence, which resulted in trashed homes and broken boundaries.
He knew his eldest could stand up for herself, and did not bow as easily to pressure as her peers, it was the other kids, particularly the older ones he didn`t trust. Sam knew all too well what went on in the mind of a sixteen-year-old boy.
Him allowing his fourteen-year-old daughter to attend a late-night party with older boys where there was bound to be a free flow of drink was out of the question.
"Sorry, Emily, but I can`t let you go to that party."
"Why not?"
"You`re more than welcome to attend parties held by your classmates as long as their parents are there to supervise, but you won`t be allowed to-"
"But Ashley`s gonna be there, her Mom said she could go!"
Sam doubted Emily`s friend had been honest with her about that. He reckoned Ashley had planned to sneak out, and was trying to get Emily to come along. He felt certain that Ashley`s mother had heard nothing of this party, or else she was an incredibly irresponsible parent.
"Well, I`m not Ashley`s mo- dad, I`m your dad, and I`m telling you you`re not going to that party, end of discussion." Sam said firmly.
Emily glared at her father and crossed her arms in a huff.
Sam turned to his youngest, who had stood silently by and observed the exchange between her dad and sister.
"What was it you wanted to say, Alice?" he said in a more gentle tone.
"Lucy asked if I could come over to her house on Saturday and sleep over. Is that OK?"
"Sure," nodded Sam. "Has Lucy asked her parents for permission?"
Alice nodded.
Before Sam could say anything else, Emily cut in: "So, I can`t go to a party, but she can go to a sleepover, how is that fair?"
Sam sighed, feeling a headache coming on. "There`s a big diff-"
"This fucking sucks."
"Watch it!" Sam snapped. "I understand you`re upset, Emily, but-"
"No you don`t!" Emily yelled. "I hate all your stupid rules, you never let me go anywhere or do anything! It`s totally unfair!"
"You don`t raise your voice at me like that," Sam warned. "We`re done talking about this. Now I`m going to start on dinner, and you can go set the table."
"Do it yourself," Emily snorted before rushing past her dad and sister.
Sam followed her quickly, fast enough to get his daughters bedroom door slammed in his face. Without missing a beat, he opened it and stepped inside Emily`s room, where the girl had already thrown herself down on the bed, and was glaring at him defiantly.
"Let me make something very clear, Emily Elizabeth," Sam said slowly in a serious voice that made the girl sit up and take notice, "You do not yell at me, or curse at me or your sister, and you do not refuse to do what I say. Do you understand?"
"Yes," Emily hissed in a non too respectful tone.
The gentle giant had reached the end of his patience. "I`ve had enough of this, young lady. You`re grounded. Now go and set the table like I asked, and after dinner you`ll stay in your room."

--- SPN ---

During the drive home from Dean`s house, Sam had some time to calm himself and think. He could not understand what had possessed his eldest to break the rules of her grounding, to dig herself deeper when she was already in trouble for her terrible attitude and rude behaviour.
After the girls had each turned twelve, he had started to gradually move away from using spanking as a punishment, but neither of them were under the illusion that spankings were a thing of the past. Both Sams daughters knew that he would spank them if they towed the line too far.
In Emily`s case, it had been well over a year since the last time she`d taken a trip over her father`s knee. Perhaps she`d gotten too cocky and needed a reminder of who was in charge, Sam mused as he clutched the steering wheel. He certainly wasn`t fond of the attitude she had been sporting these last few days.
Sam trusted his eldest to follow the rules and terms that applied to each grounding (some things were constant, while others varied depending on the offence) and he`d never had any problems until now.
Emily had known that her dad would be late home from work today, and so she`d seized the chance to break the rules knowing there was a slim to non-existent chance of her getting caught. As he pondered this, Sam couldn`t help but chuckle and give a slight shake of his head. She was every bit as stubborn, rebellious and moody as any other teenager, and the worst of it was how much she reminded him of himself at that age.
He could scarcely begin to count the times he and Dean had found themselves grabbing their chance at mischief whenever John had been away on hunts. Unluckily for them, they had often been caught and punished for their misdeeds when their father had returned home earlier than expected. Looking back, it seemed to Sam like neither he nor Dean had ever managed to get away with anything. One way or another, John had always found out.
Stopping at a red light, Sam adjusted the mirror slightly, catching a glimpse of his own dark hair and green eyes with a hazel centre. Not only had Emily inherited certain traits from her father, his good looks had also been passed on to her.
It was bittersweet, thinking about how alike the two of them were. Sam was forever comparing the way he was raising his daughters to how he himself had been brought up. As he thought of how Emily, now that she was a teenager, was rebelling more against his rules and wanted more freedom, he was painfully reminded of how he and his father John had constantly butted heads all through Sam`s teenage years. Sam had always wanted to break out from the hunting life, get away from John and his strict rules.
Sam had denied his daughter to go to that party in order to protect her. The same way John had prevented his son from attending certain events either due to them clashing with their lifestyle, or simply because he was too young and doing a certain thing or going a certain place would put him at some sort of risk. John had done everything he could to keep his children safe, and although young Sammy hadn`t appreciated it at the time, he was now a grown man with kids of his own, and could see his fathers actions and choices in a whole new light.

(no subject)

The carpeted floor of the motel room muffles the sound of her bare feet as she walks around the room, taking care not to wake him. Not that she needed bother, he is already awake and has only been dozing for the past few minutes.
He opens his eyes and is greeted by the sight of her bending over to pick up her clothing from the floor, her black lace thong (which he had vigerously removed the previous evening) giving more than a generous view of her shapely buttocks. He resists the impulse to reach out and give them a gentle rub, or even a playful spank. When she has collected her clothing which were lying strewn about the room she heads into the bathroom to take a shower, leaving the man in the bed to doze for a short while longer. As he lies in bed, listening to the water splashing in the shower, he pictures her washing herself, and imagines himself joining her. In his minds eye he lathers her soft breasts and then reaches down to put one hand between her legs, rubbing gently.

"You`re awake," she notes as she steps back out from the bathroom, covered by a large white towel. Water is dripping from her hair. "Good morning."
"Good morning to you," the man in the bed says as he stretches his arms and sighs comfortably.
"There`s plenty of hot water left if you wanna take a shower," she says with a smile. "Uhm, have you seen my bra?"
He glances around for the black lace BH, and remembers how he had been impressed at her taste in undergarments when he had first seen them some hours before. A matching set, in black lace no less. This chick is classy and stylish, no doubt about that. She had even been drinking red wine last night, he recalls.
 "Here it is," he says, spotting the bra on the floor beside the bed, exactly where he had left it after he had unhooked it and slipped it off her.
She shuffles over to grab them, looking suddenly shy and uncomfortable in the harsh light of day. "Hey, listen..." she says hesitantly, "This is not typical of me. I don`t normally sleep with a guy I just met. It`s typically a third-date-kind of thing for me, you know? I usually take things slow." She adjusts the towel, wraps it firmer around her body, and yanks it up a few cm so not even her cleavage is showing.
This gesture fills him with a sense of disappointment. He tries to concentrate, but all he can really think about it how much he wants to rip that towel off and caress her naked, wet body. Even though the previous nights actions were performed with a generous helping of beer in his blood, he can still remember certain details quite clearly, and they all come rushing back to him now, hitting him like a tidal wave crashing upon a sandy shore. As the wave draws back, they emerge like small beautiful shells stuck in the sand.
He remembers looking at the beautiful woman across the bar, how her slender fingers played on the edge of the wine glass, and how he had felt drawn to her when she had caught him looking and had smiled, beckoning him over.
He believes her. How many partners she`d had before he has no idea, and he`s got no intention of asking. All he knows is that the night he just spent with her has been one of the best in his life. And one-night-stands have been a fairly common occurance for him. He is quite excperienced, and from what he can tell, so is she. He`s guessing that she lost her virginity fairly early, it was probably hard for her to keep the boys at bay.
(How quickly the boys found you)
 But she is not easy, oh no.
 She knows what he wants and she`s not afraid to make him give it to her. Just thinking about having her again turns him on, but he can clearly tell she is not ready for another round. Not yet.
"Third date, huh?" he smiles at her. "Any chance you see us heading out for a third date soon? One down, one to go?"
She smiles back, tucking her black curls behind her ear.
"I would love to see more of you," he says honestly.
There have been plenty of girls in the past, plenty of names and faces long forgotten, but this time it`s different. This one is special. She is special, and he does not want to let her go. There is something about her he feels drawn to. He already knows she is a tiger in bed, if she can slap together a hamburger too, what more would he ever need? There is something about this that feels right and good. He would hate for this beautiful woman to briefly pass through his life only to leave him with the memory of the one night they shared together.
"Pretty sure you`ve seen all of me already!" She chuckles.
"I had a good time last night," he says. "You were great."
"Thanks. You were pretty great yourself, Dean."
"How are you feeling? Are you hung over?"
"Nah, I`m good. Dying for a smoke, though!" She goes back to the bathroom and gets dressed in a hurry before coming back out, looking suddenly ten times more confident now that she`s got her clothes back on. She grabs the pack of Marlboros from her purse and puts a sig in her mouth. "You don`t mind, do you?"
(Actually, I do. Filthy habit.)
He shakes his head. "No, go ahead."
She takes a deep drag and lets out a cloud of smoke. "God, that`s good. The morning smoke is the best one of the day."
His mouth twitches. "If you say so."
He recalls the times years ago, in his late teens, when he`d smoke at parties - a misguided and pathetic attempt to appear cool and impress girls. It was a habit quickly broken once his father found out and made his displeasure known in more ways than one.
(Filthy habit.)
"I usually crave a sig after sex," she mentions casually. "Unless it`s great sex." She smiles, and he knows her once more as the confident woman he met last night at the bar, and in a flash he recalls how he made her reach the peak of her pleasure twice. With all his lovers, he has never once excperienced a woman having a multiple orgasm. He has reached a new height with this woman. This might be more than pure physical attraction and
(great sex)
sex. Hell, if he pursues this, and he has every intention to, he might even find love. He is about to enter his very first long-term relationship.
As he lies in bed gazing at her, he wonders to himself if she would give up the cigarettes if he asked it of her. Would she respect him enough? Love him enough? Would her will be strong enough?
"What about you, are you feeling hung over?" she asks. A thin trail of smoke is rising from the cigarette dangling between her fingers. She looks at him before taking another drag.
(Filthy habit.)
"A little, but it`s OK. I`ve had worse." He smiles. "Listen, how about you let me take you out for breakfast?"
"Yeah, I don`t think this motel has roomservice."
"They usually don`t. There`s a diner just down the road, they serve great scrambled eggs that will cure any hangover."
Even before suggesting it, he feels certain that she will decline. Diners aren`t her style, he reckons she prefers fancy resturants with white tablecloths and five different forks. He mentally prepares himself to be shot down.
To his pleasant surprise, her pretty face lights up in a smile. Her blue eyes, which will be passed on to the youngest of the two children this couple will have in the future, light up.
"Sounds nice. I`d like that."

Authors Note: This story describes the first night Dean and his girlfriend Melissa shared together. Part of my AU verse where Dean and Sam have retired from the hunting life and have two children each.

Camping Trip

Title: Camping trip
Author: Capricorn86
Characters: Dean Winchester, Dawn (10) Will (8) Sam Winchester, Emily (6) Alice (4)
Summary: The Winchesters go camping in the forest.
Disclaimer: I own nothing (apart from my OCs). No profit is being made.
Warning: Contain mild spanking and references to spanking
Beta: brassband777
Author`s Note: This was suggested by brassband777:  A Winchester family camping outing - Sam and Dean take the kids camping, but while they're putting up the tents, Will and Emily wander off. Dawn meanwhile is keeping an eye on Alice.

Sam Winchester glanced in the rearview mirror. His two daughters were sitting in the backseat of the car. Four-year-old Alice was asleep. Her blonde head rested heavily against her car seat. Six-year-old Emily was awake, and very excited about the camping trip the Winchesters were all going on, but for the moment she had stopped her animated chattering, as her father had reminded her gently not to wake her little sister.

For Sam`s daughters, it was their first proper camping trip. They had had a few sleepovers in a tent before – in their own garden.

Dean, on the other hand, had taken his kids camping several times. Will especially loved outdoors activities, though Dean suspected the same wouldn`t be the case for Dawn – not when she hit the dreaded teens. Until then, he was determined to take her camping and bring her along on fishing trips. She did enjoy it, and Dean figured that if she got to do it enough, the enthusiasm might stick past age twelve.

Sam picked up his ringing mobile.

“Hey, Dean.”

“Dude, where are you?”

Dean had been driving ahead in the Impala. Sam had been following close behind for a while, but after having to make several stops so his daughters could use the bathroom, he`d fallen far behind.

“Small girls, small bladders,” he reminded his brother. “Besides, I`m not a reckless driver like you.”

“Oh, really? Driving while talking on the phone, what do you call that?” Dean teased.

Sam huffed. “You`re doing it right now too!”

“Whatever. Listen, pull up at the next gas station, OK? I`ll wait for you there.”

“How much further is it? I feel like we`ve been driving forever.”

It was a funny thing to say. Sam and Dean were practically raised in a car. Their children, however, had a tendency to get bored on long drives. And a certain six-year-old in Sam`s backseat was getting very impatient indeed.

“Not too far now,” Dean assured his little brother.

“Alright, see ya soon.” Sam ended the conversation and tossed his mobile down on the passenger’s seat.

--- SPN ---

The campsite was in a large, beautiful clearing, not too far from the road. Dean had been there a couple times before with his children, but it was the first time for Sam and his girls.

While Sam and Dean were putting up the tents, Dawn was busy entertaining Alice so she wouldn`t get in the way for her dad and uncle. The four-year-old had already tried to go inside the tents several times, too eager and excited to listen to Sam when he told her not to.  

Everyone was so occupied that no one noticed Will and Emily quietly slipping away between the trees.

“OK kids, let`s get your sleeping bags in the tents!” Dean instructed when the second tent was up. He turned around and finally realized that two of the kids were missing. “Will?” he called, his gaze sweeping the campsite, searching for his son without finding him.

“Maybe he just went into the forest to pee,” Sam suggested as he too noticed his nephew`s absence and the mixed look of worry and anger that was creeping over his older brother`s face.

“And took Emily with him?”

Sam had been so preoccupied with the tent that he hadn`t noticed that his eldest too was gone. He was a watchful parent usually, but he hadn`t expected his daughter to just take off like this. He had assumed she could be trusted to stay out of mischief for a few minutes – apparently, he was wrong. Emily and Will always managed to get up to no good whenever they were together, both by accident and intent.

He couldn`t help but give a weary sigh. “Not again.”

Dean looked at him. “What, this kind of thing happens a lot?”

Sam didn`t answer. Emily had wandered off from him in public more than once, most recently at a trip to the zoo. It had earned her a firm scolding and an even firmer spanking. After that, Sam had been convinced she had learned her lesson, but now it seemed she needed a reminder that wandering off was not acceptable.

“Let`s just go find them,” Sam muttered. “Dawn!” he called to his niece, who was helping Alice get her stuff in the tent. “Can you watch her for a few minutes?”

Dawn nodded.

“Of course she can, Dawn`s the best babysitter around,” Dean said. He was proud of his children, and took every opportunity to brag.

The two men headed into the forest, Dean leading the way.

“They can`t have gotten far. Maybe we should split up?” Sam suggested.

Dean shook his head, saying he didn`t think that was a good idea. “With your lousy sense of direction? No, it`s better if we just stick together.”

Sam huffed, not exactly appreciating his brother insulting him, particularly not in a tense situation like this. The younger man could already feel a cold fear creeping into his blood at the thought of some harm coming to his eldest child. The natural threats of the forest was one thing, but the supernatural? Who knew what kind of creatures could be lurking, waiting to pounce on two small wayward kids. Sam gave himself a mental shake, hoping his anxiety didn`t show. He didn`t like the thought of appearing weak or out of control – especially not in front of his brother.

Dean muttered angrily to himself as they walked on. He barked out his son`s name, telling him to get himself out in the open and that he had a spanking coming.

Sam rolled his eyes. He didn`t think that was the best way to lure out Will!

They stopped for a moment, trying to listen for the sound of footsteps or laughter, some kind of noise that would indicate that the children were nearby. But the only thing they could hear was the wind softly rustling the leaves of the trees.

“Sonofabitch!” Dean exclaimed suddenly, breaking off a switch from a tree in his anger.

Sam eyed his brother worriedly. “Take it easy, Dean.”

“Don`t tell me to take it easy! It pisses me off when Will pulls a disappearing act like this.”

Sam nodded. “I get it. Emily has a track record of wandering off in public, I know how it feels.”

Dean clutched the switch in his hand. “You know, if this had been Dad taking us camping, and we disappeared…” he began, but Sam cut him off sharply:

“You`re not seriously suggesting I take a switch to my six-year-old daughter?”

“I`m not suggesting anything, I`m just saying, that`s how Dad would have handled something like this.”

“When did Dad ever use a switch?”

“Don`t you remember? That time we went fishing when we were supposed to be training.”

Sam pondered for a moment, and suddenly the memories came rushing at him. He recalled that summer afternoon when he and Dean had snuck away and gone fishing, only to be met by a furious John upon their return.

“Oh yeah. That time. Well, he only used it cause we were stupid enough to bring our fishing poles back with us.”

Fishing gear wasn`t on the Winchester inventory list, and so the boys had used a pair of switches. Upon their return to the rental house, John had tanned their backsides with them after giving a thorough warm-up with his hand. Even for more serious offences, a switch was not an implement John usually took in hand. He preferred the paddle or his leather belt, as he had had the displeasure of experiencing the cruel sting of a switch growing up, and was rather reluctant to make his own boys go through the same ordeal.

Sam wondered if Dean was considering using a switch on Will to punish him for wandering off, but when he asked, Dean didn`t give a proper reply. Sam took his brothers mumbling to mean that he hadn`t decided.

Feeling worried for his young nephew`s hide, Sam tried again: “Well, Dean?”

“What?” Dean continued walking briskly deeper into the forest, looking straight ahead and not meeting his brother`s gaze.

“Are you intending to use a switch on your son?” Sam pressed.

Dean stopped and took a deep breath before turning to Sam. His green eyes were darkened by worry, and Sam became convinced that his brother hadn`t honestly wanted to go hard on his little boy, he had just spoken in anger because of the seriousness of the situation. Two small children wandering alone in the forest was no minor offence.

“No, Sam. I`m not,” he said, sounding tired now. He tossed the switch to the ground. “But when I do find him, I`ll flip him straight over my knee and paddle his little butt good!”

The two men continued walking, calling out the names of the two kids.

--- SPN ---

At the campsite, Dawn was experiencing some difficulty watching her little cousin.

The ten-year-old was relieved when she saw her uncles, Will and Emily emerge from between the trees. She had no doubt that her little brother and cousin had been spanked – she saw signs that they had both been crying, and the two kids were clearly subdued.

When they reached the campsite, Dean told Will and Emily to unpack the food while he collected firewood and got a fire going. It would keep the kids occupied and out of trouble for a few minutes, at least. He gave his son a pat on the shoulder, knowing he needed the extra reassurance.

“It`s alright, Will.”

The boy sniffed a little as he threw his arms around Dean`s waist and hugged him. “I`m sorry. I won`t wander off again.”

You better not, Dean thought to himself. He had been so scared upon finding his little boy missing! He patted the boy on the back and stroked his hair. “I love you. Now go help your cousin.”

Will held on to his father for a couple more seconds before finally releasing himself and joining Emily. Dean went back into the forest to collect some sticks he could use to light a campfire.

When Alice saw Sam, she immediately ran to him. “Daddy`s back!”

Sam smiled and took the little girl in his arms, hugging her tightly. “Did you behave for Dawn?”

“Yes!” Alice replied, nodding eagerly.

Sam put her down and looked at his niece over Alice`s head, raising his eyebrows questioningly, looking for confirmation. He knew neither of his daughters could ever be trusted to be truthful about their behavior in their father`s absence!

Dawn felt torn. She usually had no qualms about ratting her little brother out, she and Will played the “blame game” all the time, much to Dean`s despair. But telling on her four-year-old cousin was different. Not wanting to be mean, yet also knowing that she wouldn`t do Alice any favours by allowing her to get away with bad behavior, Dawn simply shrugged and pulled a face.

Sam found his niece`s response a bit hard to interpret. “You know, Dawn, if Alice was naughty while I was away, you need to tell me.”

This got Alice`s attention, and she immediately declared in a loud voice that she hadn`t been naughty at all.

“Yeah, you kinda were, Alice,” Dawn said. “You tried to run into the forest and when I stopped you, you kicked me.”

Sam certainly wasn`t impressed to hear this! “Alice Marie!”

Three firm swats later, and little Alice was in her father`s arms with her own arms wrapped around his neck, crying into his shoulder.

Dawn looked on, worry and regret in her hazel gaze. It was hard to see her young cousin get smacked, especially since it was Dawn`s fault. If she hadn`t said anything…

“You did the right thing, Dawn,” Sam told his niece as he was gently rocking his crying daughter. He had guessed what Dawn had been thinking. “Alice? Do you have something to say to Dawn?” Sam asked the four-year-old once she`d calmed down enough to talk properly.

Alice sniffed hard as she turned around in her father`s arms so she could face her cousin. “Sorry, Dawnie,” she said, her voice barely audible.

Dawn hated being called “Dawnie,” but Alice was the only one who used that nickname, and the ten-year-old hoped she would grow out of it. In any case, now was not the time to give her cousin a hard time. She waved a hand and smiled at Alice. “It`s OK.”

“Why don`t you go help your Dad collect some wood for the fire,” Sam suggested.

Dawn nodded and walked off to find Dean.

Once Alice had calmed down completely, Sam wiped away the last traces of tears and placed her in the tent. He unpacked two picture books for her to look at (Alice couldn`t read yet). He wanted to make sure Emily was alright. He had offered plenty of comfort and reassuring words after the spanking and on the walk back to the campsite, but it hadn`t escaped Sam`s notice how subdued and uncharacteristically quiet his eldest had been. It was time to move on, put the punishment in the past. All he wanted right now was to see his daughter smile again. Making both his girls cry on the same day took its toll on the man`s emotions.

Will and Emily had just finished unpacking the food when Sam joined them. The boy glanced up, and Sam gave him a friendly smile. “Alright, Will?”

The eight-year-old nodded, and Sam gently ruffled his curly hair, then seated himself on a log that was placed in the middle of the clearing. Emily joined him immediately, and he pulled her close to his side. For a few moments father and daughter sat in silence, Sam gently stroking Emily`s soft, brown hair.

“I love you,” Sam whispered, dropping a quick kiss to the top of her head.

“I love you too, Daddy,” Emily answered at once.

“I`m hungry, Uncle Sam!” Will announced suddenly. “When can we eat?”

“Soon,” Sam promised. “Dawn and your Dad are just getting some wood for the fire, and once we get it going, it`ll be barbeque time.”

“Did you bring marshmallows?” Will wanted to know. “Dad let me and Dawn roast marshmallows on the fireplace at home once, it was cool.”

Sam smiled at his nephew, pleased to see that he seemed to be recovering from the spanking Dean had given him earlier. “Yes, I brought marshmallows. You hungry, Emily?” he asked his daughter.

She nodded. “I could eat four hot dogs!”

Sam smiled, knowing the girl was exaggerating because she was hungry.

“I could eat six!” Will bragged.

Sam chuckled at that and said that was something he`d like to see.

“I bet Uncle Dean could eat ten,” Emily said.

Will agreed. “Yeah, Dad always eats loads.”

Sam had to hide his grin at that.

“How many could you eat, Daddy?” Emily asked her father.

Sam smiled at her and caressed her cheek. “More than Uncle Dean, I`ll bet.”

Both Emily and Will giggled at that. The simple, joyful sound lifted a stone from Sam`s heart. His little girl was her cheerful, chatty self again.

Just then, Dawn and Dean emerged from between the trees, each of them carrying a bunch of sticks. They both dropped their loads and Dean took the opportunity to compliment his daughter on how strong she was. Dawn grinned. She always appreciated a compliment.

--- SPN ---

A few hours later, Sam and Dean were sitting together on the log by the fire.

Alice was sleeping in the tent where Sam and Dean would join her later. She had been allowed to stay up past her regular bedtime, as she had slept for most of the car ride, and with the excitement of the new experience of sleeping in a tent in the forest, Sam knew it would lead to a tantrum and more swatting if he tried to make Alice go to bed early. In the end, Alice had fallen asleep while seated on Sam`s lap, and he had carried her to the tent and put her in her sleeping bag.

The other kids had been told to get ready for bed and go to sleep a half hour ago. It was getting quite late for the two younger kids, as their dads had decided they could go to bed at the same time as Dawn usually did. Considering they would all be sleeping in the same tent, it wouldn`t do to make them go to bed at their regular times, they`d just end up waking each other up.

 But in the tent, the noise level was rising steadily. Sleep seemed to be the last thing on the kids’ minds right now.

“They`re not getting a wink of sleep, are they?”

“Apparently not,” sighed Sam. “And neither will we if they don`t settle down. I just hope they won`t wake Alice up.”

“I wouldn`t worry about that. If she`s anything like you, the forest could come crashing down around that tent and she`d keep right on sleeping.”

“I`ll go talk to them,” Sam said.

He approached the tent. He couldn`t help chuckling as he heard Emily hiss loudly: “Shhh! Quiet! Daddy and Uncle Dean will hear us!”

Putting on a stern expression, he zipped the tent door open and peeked inside. “OK, guys. Playtime`s over,” Sam said calmly, but in a serious tone. “It`s time to go to sleep. It`s past your bedtimes already. Now lie down in your sleeping bags and close your eyes. No more talking.”

He watched quietly as the kids did as they were told, then smiled at them and wished them a good night.

He rejoined Dean by the fire, trying not to pay any mind to the hushed whispers and soft giggles coming from inside the tent.

A few minutes went by, and then Dean decided he`d better tell the kids in no uncertain terms that it was time to sleep, or else they`d be up all night.

As he came close to the tent, he heard Dawn whisper loudly: “Someone`s coming! Pretend to be asleep! Ow! Will! Your foot`s in my face!”

Dean heard Emily giggle, and the rustling of sleeping bags. All sounds mysteriously ceasedas he grabbed the zipper on the tent door and yanked it down.

 “I know you`re not really asleep,” Dean said in a firm tone.

“Sure we are!” Will said.

Dawn made a loud snoring noise which had Emily and Will rolling over in their sleeping bags laughing.

“Very funny. Now go to sleep, I mean it. I`ll be back soon to check on you, and if you haven`t settled down, I`ll be coming in here.” He paused for a heartbeat. “OK?” he added, in a slightly more friendly tone. He wasn`t too pleased about ending the night with a spanking threat.

The kids each mumbled a reply, and Dean nodded, satisfied. He zipped the tent shut and walked back to the fire, noticing with a pleased smile that not a sound was heard from the tent as he moved away.

--- SPN ---

“Do you think they`re asleep?” Sam asked Dean.

About an hour had passed, and the forest had grown completely dark.

Dean nodded. “Sounds like it. I haven`t heard them make any noise since I went to talk to them.”

The brothers were silent for a few minutes, each lost in thought, gazing at the stars.

“Melissa would have hated this,” Dean said suddenly.

Sam turned his head and looked at him. “What?”

“This.” Dean waved a hand, indicating the forest all around him. “She was more of an indoor girl, you know? I have a hard time imagining her sleeping out here, under the stars, waking up with twigs and spiders in her hair.”

Sam chuckled. “I think Laura would have enjoyed it. We never talked about going camping, since the girls were so little, but she did love being outdoors.”

Dean got up. “I`ll go check on the children, shall I, darling?” he said, trying his best to sound like Laura.

Sam made a face. “Come on, man, don`t do that. Don`t do the accent, just don`t.”

Dean gave a crooked smile. “Sorry.” He knew the joke had been in rather poor taste, but he was glad Sam didn`t take offence to it.

“The kids asleep?” Sam asked when his brother came back after having peeked his head in both the tents.

Dean nodded as he sat back down. “Yeah, finally. It`s funny, they look so sweet and innocent when they`re sleeping.”

Sam smiled. “Don`t be fooled.”

“Oh I`m not, trust me,” Dean said. He reached behind himself to grab two bottles of beer out of the cooling bag. He offered one to Sam.

The brothers spent about twenty minutes more gazing at the stars, having quiet conversation and sipping from their bottles. Finally Dean gave a huge yawn.

“Well, I`m going to bed. You coming?”

“In a minute.”

Sam watched his older brother retreat to the tent, then turned his gaze to the fire that was slowly dying.


Dean’s Babysitting Adventures by brassband777 part 2/2

Title: Dean’s Babysitting Adventures by brassband777 (prompt/request by capricorn86)

Characters: Dean, Sam, Will (7), Emily (5), Alice (3)

Scenario: daddy!Dean/daddy!Sam, discipline fic (parental spanking)

Implement: hand

Summary: Sam goes to an informal Stanford reunion, leaving his children with his brother. Dean has to look after them overnight – he has his hands full with three little kids underfoot.

Warnings: contains spanking.

Part 1 here: http://capricorn86.livejournal.com/33596.html

Supernatural ~ Supernatural ~ Supernatural ~ Supernatural

The following morning after breakfast, Dean took the children to the local park.

“Alright guys, I’m going to push Alice on the swings. You two can go and play, but you must stay where I can see you at all times. Okay?”

Emily and Will nodded before racing off towards the climbing frame.

Dean lifted Alice into the baby swing and gave it a gentle push.

“More, Unca Dean,” she giggled after a few minutes. Dean figured that the toddler meant she wanted to go higher and obliged by pushing the swing with slightly more force. Every so often, he checked on the whereabouts of his son and other niece.

Twenty minutes later, Dean was seated on a bench by the sand pit, watching as Alice dug happily with her little pink spade. He glanced around, looking for Will and Emily, quickly spotting them on the see-saw.

Emily jumped off the see-saw and laughed when Will’s end landed with a loud bump on the ground as a result.

“Hey, Will, let’s go to the birdhouse,” giggled Emily, taking his hand and pulling him in that direction.

“But Daddy said….”

“He didn’t mean we couldn’t look at the birdhouse, silly. He meant we mustn’t wander off and get lost,” she cut in confidently. To Emily, her five-year-old logic was irrefutable. The birdhouse was safe – she had been there loads of times with her Daddy and also Uncle Dean in the past. So why would it be off-limits now?

Will wasn’t so sure he agreed with his cousin – whenever Daddy said something, he usually meant it! Nevertheless, Will was always easily led by others (most usually by his older sister, Dawn!), so he followed Emily anyway.

A few minutes later they arrived outside the aviary and Will quickly forgot about possibly getting into trouble as they watched the colourful parrots, cockatiels and budgerigars flying around and chummering to each other.

Dean glanced up, his eyes lazily tracking around the playground checking for his son and niece. A moment later he sat up straight and took another look around, panic welling within him when he realised that they were nowhere in sight.

Dean quickly moved around the perimeter of the playground area of the park, trying to catch a glimpse of the missing children. He constantly kept glancing back at Alice to ensure that the toddler was all right – having lost two kids, it wouldn’t do to lose the third as well!

Two minutes later, Dean felt relief flood his system as he spotted Will and Emily, unhurt, walking down the path from the direction of the birdhouse.

“Where have you been?!” he barked sternly as they approached.

Will froze – he recognised his father’s tone and knew it didn’t bode well. His deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression reminded Dean vividly of Sam, but it didn’t quell his anger.

“I told you to stay where I could see you!”

“But we didn’t go anywhere we’re not allowed,” defended the five-year-old.

Dean wasn’t averse to disciplining in public, but in this instance, he felt that a proper over-the-knee spanking was in order, not a mere couple of swats.

“We will talk about this when we get home,” he said sternly, “but you two will be getting a spanking.”

Dean walked over to the sand pit and scooped little Alice up into his arms. The toddler was completely unaware of the drama surrounding her big sister and cousin.

She smiled, her dimples reminding him of Sam. ”Unca Dean play with Alice?”

“Not right now, Poppet, it’s time to go home.”

Supernatural ~ Supernatural ~ Supernatural ~ Supernatural

Dean set Alice down in the corner near the toy box and the little girl happily pulled out one of Dawn’s dolls and began rocking it in her arms, babbling away to it.

Dean took hold of Emily and Will’s hands and led them over to the sofa. Once there, he sat down, leaving the subdued children standing before him, so that he was at their eye level while he talked to them. Dean wanted to get across how serious this was.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” murmured Will, tears already shining in his expressive blue eyes. He didn’t want a spanking!

“I know you are, buddy.” Dean reached out and gently thumbed away the solitary tear that escaped and trickled down his son’s cheek. “But you two deliberately disobeyed me.”

“We didn’t mean to,” explained Emily, the little girl’s sincerity shining clearly in her green eyes, “we only went to look at the birdhouse.”

“That’s not the point,” said Dean, injecting a stern note into his voice, “I told you to stay where I could see you and you didn’t. You didn’t do as you were told and so I have to punish you.”

Emily shook her head, making her shiny, long brown pony-tail swing over one shoulder. “But we won’t do it again, Uncle Dean. We promise.” She didn’t want her uncle to spank her – swats and spankings from Uncle Dean really hurt!

Will didn’t say anything. The little boy knew from experience that if his dad said you were going to get a spanking, then a spanking you would get - there was no way he would be talked out of it or change his mind.

Dean contemplated the children before him for a moment. His niece had unconsciously turned on the dreaded puppy-dog expression that both of Sam’s daughters had inherited from him. However, the thoughts of what could have happened to the two young children without any adult supervision easily enabled him to overcome that dreaded weapon.

“I didn’t ask you to stay where I could see you to spoil your fun,” he explained, “it’s because unfortunately there are some nasty people out there who hurt children…I know you’ve both been taught about stranger danger…..and you two wandering off meant I didn’t know where you were to keep you safe. And I think that a good spanking will remind you next time to do as you’re told!”

Not wanting to draw it out, Dean lifted his small niece across his lap and flipped up her skirt, revealing her pink My Little Pony panties beneath. After securing the little girl snuggly in place with his left arm, he raised his right and snapped his palm down smartly. Dean was careful not to raise his hand too high, but flicked his wrist each time to magnify the resulting sting. He felt the little girl tense as the first swat struck and she was soon squirming across his knees trying to escape the stinging smacks.

As Will watched his cousin getting spanked, tears began to slip from his eyes once more, knowing that he was next. It wasn’t just the fear of the impending spanking that made him cry though. With Will’s incredibly sensitive nature, the fact that he felt he had let his daddy down was really upsetting him. Also, being the baby of his family, Will was used to being disciplined first (it was always Dawn who had to wait whenever they had both been naughty), so witnessing Emily getting spanked made him feel really sorry for his cousin too.

Emily started crying and kicking her legs after swat number five, but Dean, wanting to make sure his niece would think twice before repeating the offence, applied another five stinging slaps before pausing.

“Are you going to stay where I can see you in future, Emily?”

The little girl nodded frantically, her tears dropping freely and making a pattern on the carpet. “Yes, Uncle Dean, I promise,” she sniffled. Her poor bottom hurt so much!

Dean nodded to himself, confident that the child had gotten the message and wrapped up the spanking by applying a final two swats to the top of Emily’s thighs. He immediately scooped the small girl up and hugged her tightly to his chest.

“It’s all done now, Sweetie. It’s okay,” he soothed.

Dean glanced over his niece’s head to look at his youngest. Will was in the process of dragging the back of his hand across his eyes to remove his tears. The seven-year-old needn’t have bothered as they were immediately replaced with new ones.

Dean knew that when he was a kid and him and Sam had got up to mischief together, John had always calmed Sam completely after spanking him before disciplining Dean, so Dean knew what it was like to have to wait for a spanking! While he was always more than happy to put himself through that anxiety and trepidation in order to protect and improve things for Sammy, Dean wasn’t prepared to inflict that psychological pain on his son. Sure, when his own children and nieces were a lot older, making them wait for their punishment would be an effective punishment in itself, but he certainly didn’t feel it was appropriate or fair while they were little.

With that in mind, Dean gently set Emily down on the sofa beside him, having to hide a smile as the sniffling five-year-old immediately squirmed as her sore bottom connected with the cushion – he would comfort them both properly after he had spanked Will.

Dean reached out and unbuttoned the small boy’s jeans, pulling them down to his knees, before lifting the child over his lap. He left the boy’s dinosaur briefs in place.

“When I tell you to do something, William, as you well know, I mean it!” Dean admonished before commencing spanking the perfectly presented bottom before him.

Dean knew his youngest well – he knew without a doubt that Will had known that his dad was completely serious about staying where he could see them, but the ex-hunter had no doubt that the child had been swayed by his cousin into disobeying. Dean just hoped that the fact that he was easily led wouldn’t lead his baby boy into serious trouble in the future!

Will ‘owwed’ and wriggled as he was spanked, reminding Dean of Sammy whenever he’d been put over John’s knee. As the little boy was already crying, rather than aiming on bringing the child to tears, he concentrated instead on raising a memorable, wicked sting.

“I’m s-sorry D-daddy, no m-more, it huuuurts,” sobbed the seven-year-old, but Dean ignored the child’s pleas and laid down several more stinging swats before pausing.

“Next time you’re to do as you’re told. Understood?”

“Yes, D-daddy. I’ll be a g-good boy,” Will nodded.

Dean wrapped up the spanking by applying four hard swats direct to his small son’s sit-spots. He then lifted the child up so that he was sitting on one knee and wrapped one arm tight around him. Will immediately buried his face into his dad’s chest.

Dean reached out with his other arm and lifted the still-sniffling Emily onto his other knee. He then cradled both children against him.

“I don’t like spanking you, but I love you and I couldn’t bear it if anything happened to either of you,” he murmured, dropping a kiss on each respective head. Both thoroughly chastised children clung to him. Dean held them, whispering soothing words of comfort until they had both completely calmed down.

Supernatural ~ Supernatural ~ Supernatural ~ Supernatural

Dean glanced up at the clock and sighed. Alice would need to be put down for her afternoon nap soon. Dean secretly found his youngest niece’s tantrums amusing – the toddler was far worse for tantrumming than Dawn, Will or Emily had ever been. Dean delighted in teasing Sam by saying that the girl took after her father as little Sammy’s temper tantrums had been not only frequent, but also spectacular. Having doled out so many swats over the last day however, Dean really wasn’t looking forward to having to dish out any more.

Will and Emily were busy playing a game of Snakes and Ladders – both of them fully recovered now from their spankings that morning. Little Alice was playing with Dawn’s dolls’ house again.

Dean figured he’d postpone putting Alice down for as long as possible and if he was lucky, Sam would be early and he could avoid it altogether! However, twenty minutes later, a grinning Dean carried the toddler up to bed. Tired out by her trip to the park earlier, Alice had fallen asleep on the floor, the toy dog from the dolls’ house clutched in her tiny fist.

Dean pulled back the covers one-handed and gently lay the girl down. The three-year-old stirred and mumbled in her sleep, but didn’t awaken.

Supernatural ~ Supernatural ~ Supernatural ~ Supernatural

When Sam arrived, Alice was still asleep and Emily and Will were playing ball in the back garden.

“So, Sammy, how was it?” asked Dean as he opened the door before his brother knocked, having heard his car pull up outside.

“It was good, Dean, really good.” Sam smiled, flashing his dimples. “I’m glad I went. Thanks for convincing me to go. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t and well….”

Dean held up his hand, grinning. “No need to thank me. That’s what awesome Big Brothers do. You can repay me by buying me an awesome Christmas present.”

Sam rolled his eyes and looked around. “Where are the kids?”

“Alice is still having her nap and Emily and Will are outside,”

 Sam made his way through the house to the open back door and as if his daughter could sense him, Emily glanced up.

“Daddy!” she squealed excitedly and ran towards him as fast as her little five-year-old legs would allow.

Sam caught up the small girl, hugging her tightly and burying his face into her silky hair.

“And how’s my Big Girl? I missed you, Emily!”

“I missed you too, Daddy, but we had lots of fun! When are we going home?”

“Not until Alice wakes up, so you can play with Will for a little longer.”

Emily nodded happily and after kissing Sam’s cheek, she ran back to Will.

Sam checked on Alice next. The toddler was sleeping peacefully. He reached out and gently stroked one of her flushed cheeks, careful not to wake her.

“I missed you, Baby Girl,” he whispered.

Sam re-entered the sitting room and gratefully took the freshly made cup of coffee that Dean had made him.

“So how were they?”

Dean answered without hesitation. “They were perfect angels, the lot of them.”

Sam snorted. “Yeah right. You put Emily and Will together and that always leads to some kind of mischief and you’re not telling me Alice went to bed without kicking up a fuss. Now, how were they really?”

“Are you really sure you want the truth?”

Sam nodded. How bad could it be?

“Let’s just say that if I had a dollar for every swat I had to dole out, I’d be rich now.”

Sam raised his eyebrows. “Quit exaggerating, Dean.”

“I’m not!” protested Dean and proceeded to tell his brother exactly what all of the children had been up to.

Sam’s eyes widened in horror when he heard about Will and Emily wandering off at the park.

“I’ll be having a little talk with her about that when we get home,” he murmured.

Dean grinned, knowing that Sam meant talk with words and not spank, which is what their own father would have done if they’d disobeyed while in someone else’s care, regardless of whether they’d already been disciplined or not.

Three quarters of an hour later, Sam was driving home. His two girls were once more chattering merrily in the back seat, but this time, he was totally relaxed. He’d had a good time with his friends from Stanford and his family were happy and safe. Maybe with time, he would be able to overcome the loss of Laura after all….