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The Dare Game (DaddyDean)

The Dare Game

The creative streak that gave Emily her artistic skills had also been bestowed upon her cousin Dawn. The daughter of Dean Winchester had creativity aplenty, and combined with her recklessness it was a sure recipe for trouble.

It was always Dawn who thought up the games. When she and Will were little, Dawn had been the one in charge of every game she played with her brother, and she was the one who kept inventing new ones. Dawn got bored quickly, and was in constant need of new, exciting things to entertain her.

When Sam and Dean had been kids, they had sometimes engaged in prank wars with each other. This was not stories Dean had ever shared with his own children, as he remembered how the pranks he played on Sam had a tendency to escalate and get them both in big trouble with their father, John Winchester.
   Although Dawn knew nothing of this, she was a chip off the old block. Pranks was not something she pulled very often, because there was one thing she found more interesting: Dares.
   Pulling a practical joke on her brother might be fun once in a while, but giving him a dare and pushing him to do things that were reckless, silly or even dangerous was way more tempting to Dawn. And she was certainly not above accepting dares herself, although Will didn`t think of very good ones.

The game commenced on a Sunday. Dawn hated Sundays because they were so boring. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. She was spending the Sunday at home with her father and brother. Getting more bored by the minute, the wheels in Dawn`s head begun turning, trying to think of something to do for fun.
   As she sat on the sofa in the living room, holding the remote in her hand, mindlessly zapping through the channels, the idea struck her like a bolt of lightning. She switched the television off, jumped off the sofa and rushed up the stairs. She ripped the door to her brother`s bedroom open, and almost tripped over her own legs as she stumbled inside.
   Will was sitting on the bed reading a book. He jumped when his big sister came rushing in.
   “What is going on?” he asked in puzzled annoyance.
   “Will!” Dawn gasped, breathless from the wild run up the stairs. “I am super bored, and I just had this great idea.”
   The boy eyed his sister with skepticism. “What is it?”
   Dawn came over to the bed and threw herself onto it, kneeling on the bedspread as she put her hands on Will`s knees. She looked into his blue eyes, her face glowing with excitement.
   “The Dare Game,” she said slowly, then grinning widely.
   Will closed his book with a sharp smack then tossed it to the floor. His heart started beating faster. “You`re on.”


Dawn agreed to be dared first. After a few minutes of thinking, Will decided it would be fun if Dawn went into the living room, turned on the PlayStation and started playing Guitar Hero with the volume way up. His sister did not think this dare was terribly clever, but neither she nor Will ever backed down from a dare, regardless of wether it was stupid or risky, so she went into the living room to set up the game.
   The girl grabbed the guitar, pulled the strap over her shoulder and deftly placed her fingers on the coloured keys. She put the TV on mute as the game got started.
   Dean was in the kitchen preparing dinner, completely unaware of what his daughter was up to. Will was watching his sister from the hallway, casting the occasional glance into the kitchen. He did not want to miss his father`s reaction to what was about to happen.
   When Dawn had selected a song, she turned the volume up as high as it would go. Her fingers felt slightly sweaty on the keys, and her hand shook a little as she was holding the remote, ready to once again press the mute button and release a blast of noise. She quickly pressed the button as the green, red and yellow notes made their way to the bottom of the screen.
   Will put his hands up to cover his ears.
   Dean was whistling joyfully in the kitchen.
   It sounded like an explosion.
   The first notes of Alice Cooper`s “School`s Out,” blared through the living room, making the entire Winchester family jump in the air. Dean yelled in surprise and shock, nearly knocking over the pot of boiling water on the stove. Will stood in the hallway staring open eyed at his sister jumping around in the living room, whipping her blonde hair back and forth. Oh yeah, she was loving it, feeling like a rock star. Will saw her lips move as she was screaming the lyrics, but her voice drowned completely in the terrible confusion of noise that was blasting in his ears.
   It was over in less than three seconds.
   Dean ran into the living room and yanked the power cord out of the wall, making immediate silence fall upon the house.
   That was over in less than one second.
   The sound of Dean`s voice yelling at his daughter was if possible even louder than the music had been. It certainly felt like that to Dawn.


The kids returned to Will`s room to discuss the next dare. Dawn was pacing the living room as she was pondering. She rubbed at the fresh sting her father`s hand had left on the seat of her jeans. He had not been pleased with the fact that she had nearly exploded his ear drums, plus nearly made him spill boiling water all over himself. He had however not given her a real spanking, just a few swats to make his displeasure known. Dean had also banned his eldest from using the PlayStation altogether for the next week. Dawn didn`t mind too much, the game console was mostly Will`s toy.
   The boy was very pleased with how his dare had turned out, not caring about the uncomfortable consequences for his sister.
  Sitting on his bed, Will grinned at Dawn.
   “That was SO cool!”
   Dawn shot him a glance and gave him a crooked smile.
   The girl sucked attention like a dry sponge sucks water.
   “So what have you got in mind for me?” Will asked, and he began bouncing impatiently up and down on the bed.
   Dawn halted her pacing and stood still for a few seconds.
   Her face slowly took on a dangerous look as she turned towards her brother.


Dawn could barely contain her laughter as she followed her brother downstairs. It had taken her several minutes of arguing to get him to go along with it. To this day, neither of them had backed down from or out of a dare. Will knew his sister would never let him live it down if he, for the first time ever, refused a dare.
   With a heavy sigh, he stepped down from the last step, glancing nervously towards the kitchen where his father was still busy preparing their afternoon meal.
   “I can`t believe I let you talk me into this,” Will mumbled.
   Dawn giggled, trying hard not to burst into loud roars of laughter.
   “Okay,” she said as she opened the front door, “Remember you have to walk around the house once. You can`t let Dad stop you, no matter what.”
   Will shifted nervously. “What happens if he does stop me? What if I don`t make it all the way around? He might grab me and carry me inside or something.”
   Dawn considered this for a moment. “Tell you what, I`ll give you a head start. It will be more fun that way. I`ll wait ten seconds before directing Dad`s attention towards you.”
   Will groaned. “It`s cold.”
  Dawn gave her brother an encouraging push towards the front door. “Get going!”

The girl kept a close eye on her watch, tapping her fingers against her thigh as she counted down from ten to one. She ran into the living room and took a quick glance out the window. Dawn nearly burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter at the sight of her little brother taking a walk around the house.
   Completely naked.
   She called her father into the living room, urging him to look outside.
   Dawn learned some new curse words as Dean rushed outside to get his ten-year-old. She watched as Will broke into a run with his father chasing after him, and she threw her head back, laughing wildly and loudly like a mad woman.


“I have no idea what you two are up to, dares, pranks or whatever, but it stops now. One more stunt like this from either of you and you`ll both find yourselves getting a close view of the floor. Do I make myself clear?”
   Dean`s very clear warning was not lost on either of his children, and it resounded in both their heads as they went upstairs to wash up and get ready for dinner.

As the kids walked down the stairs to join their father in the kitchen, Dawn whispered to her brother: “Let`s make up one last dare each. Something we can do at the dinner table.”
   Will shook his head violently. “No, Dawn. You heard what Dad said. I don`t know about you, but I sure don`t want to sleep on my stomach tonight.”
   “Just one last dare, then we`ll stop. I promise.”
   Will gave an annoyed sigh. “Fine. I dare you to swear while we`re eating dinner.”
   Dawn snorted. “That`s nothing. I dare you to start a food fight.”
   Will stopped dead in his tracks and turned sharply to look at his sister. “No way.”
   “Come on, Will!” Dawn hissed. “Can you imagine the look on Dad`s face? It will be hysterical. It will be epic.”
   Will hesitated to give a reply, moving slowly downwards a couple of steps with Dawn fast on his heels.
   “I know you want to,” she pressed. “You`re not thinking of backing down from this dare, are you?”
   Will didn`t answer.
   They reached the bottom of the stairs.
   “If you back out of this dare, I`ll…” Dawn thought for a second, “I will call you Wimpy Will for a month!” She raised her eyebrows challengingly at her sibling. She knew his weakness and how to exploit it.
   The boy groaned and then nodded slowly. Dawn grinned, giving her brother`s shoulder a little squeeze.
   “Awesome. It`s dinner time, little brother.”


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Dean's already called a stop to the dares &/or pranks. Will could be right about sleeping on his stomach tonight. Poking an angry bear is never a good idea, especially when that bear's name is Dean Winchester. On to part 2...

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